Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 112 Review

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Let’s not fuck around here: Eren definitely hates Mikasa! There are very few instances throughout the series of them interacting on an emotional level. In emotional scenes they share Eren is usually talking to Armin about the outside world or their grander goals and Mikasa’s just sitting there on the side with nothing to add because she isn’t interesting enough. There other interactions are all Mikasa babying Eren and Eren rightfully getting pissed off, remember that time she attempted that and he literally headbutted her. Now we as an audience may have collectively let out a nervous laugh but this wasn’t a scene played for comedy, he just headbutted her out of frustration. In the one scene everyone points to at the end of Season 2 he literally turns away from her clear inclination to kiss him. Eren has never shown favourability platonically or romantically to Mikasa, she’s just annoyed him and that’s why his words ring so true in this chapter. It turns out that the whole time the hair wasn’t the only similarity between Rei Ayanami and Mikasa they both had inherit servitude to the men they admire most, but in the end, Rei had the balls to kill Gendo, and Mikasa again rolls over for Eren this chapter by stopping Armin from attacking him.  Clearly, I have inherent bias here, I hate Mikasa, she’s always been boring and annoying, and I also have always hated Armin, so this scene was a vicarious thrill ride for me. Additionally, this is my favourite and the most interesting version of Eren we have seen in the story and moving forward I can’t wait to see how he develops.

Meanwhile, Gabbi has continued to be the most interesting and well-written character in this series. Don’t forget and don’t underestimate the importance of Gabbi’s presence at this meeting. She has now witnessed what she will become if she continues down this path, if she continues to be manipulated and repress the truth she will end up like the monster she sees in front of her. Eren represents to Gabbi, everything she ever believed about the devils on Paradise island. Everything she once hated was sitting in front of her and she did nothing, because she’s beginning to grow. The Gabbi of five or six chapters ago would have mindlessly jumped at Eren attempting to kill him, but in this chapter she clearly internally conflicted. The supposed devils on Paradise just saved her life and in the conversation with Armin and Mikasa before Eren barged in out of nowhere, they reinforced this by stating they had no intentions or want to kill anyone. Additionally, in that conversation she prioritised Falco’s life over her own and ask them to kill her and only imprison Falco, that’s something I don’t think she would have done previously. Gabbi has been showed the duality of the people of Paradise Island. She seen the good in the scouts and Sasha’s father who forgave her and the bad in Kia and Eren who wish to seek further vengeance on her and on Marley. And for anyone who has missed the tell-tale signs that Gabbi is a parallel to a younger Eren, Armin even mentions that her attitude reminds him of someone right as Eren wonders in frame. Eventually, when Gabbi saves everyone, I’ll remember all of you that doubted her.

From what I’ve garnered from this chapter and the few previous chapters is that the Yeager Brothers are being used as a narrative device to ultimately unify the world, or at the very least Eldia and Marley, against them. They together are the ultimate evil and danger at the moment, they have the potential to flatten the entire globe and through Gabbi I believe the two sides with unite to defeat the common threat. Which is interestingly similar to the beginning of the series when humanity within the walls united against the titans as a common enemy. But in this chapter both Yeager Brothers dropped some insightful information. Eren explained the power of the Ackerman clan in a massive exposition dump and Zeke got things rolling with his patterned scream. Eren explained that the Ackerman’s can’t think for themselves and are reliant on special hosts that influence their behaviour, he even not so nicely refers to them as slaves. This explanation seems to fit all the Ackerman’s we have grown to know throughout the series; Mikasa to Eren, Kenny to Uri and Levi to Erwin. Levi seemingly proves his continued dependence on Erwin in this chapter when he talks about his regret to have not yet killed Zeke as he had promised to Erwin before his death. He also has a similar moment of reflection like Erwin did right before his death, all the dead scout members looking back. Many are calling a death flag on Levi now and especially after Zeke rained titans from the sky, its looking like Levi might be in some trouble. This is upsetting because Levi is one of the characters in Attack on Titan that I care about and I hope he continues to be infallible and destroys these 30 titans like it’s nothing, but Zeke has undoubtedly gotten away now because of this performance.

A massive element I think everyone is ignoring right now is Peick, she’s still on Paradise Island and she hasn’t made her move yet. If she hears the scream and the subsequent transformations I’m sure she will jump in on the action and it will be interesting to see what she does and who she helps. Additionally, has Falco transformed into a mindless titan? Or does Zeke’s scream have to be heard by those who have been marked? Maybe Falco wasn’t marked to begin with and will be fine. No matter what I doubt Falco is gone from the story, even if he is transformed into a titan I guarantee that he will eat a shifter to transform back; his character arc is not complete yet and the narrative demands his survival. I don’t know if he’ll eat a local titan shifter or if they’ll capture him, so he can eat one later. All in all, this marks five or six great chapters in a row and I can’t wait for chapter 113 so we can learn the fate of Levi and hopefully witness Peick’s plan whatever it could be.





Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 110 Review

Attack on Titan manga chapter 110 overflowed with interesting twist and turns this month, that culminated in one of the best chapters this year:


Peick reading the papers.PNG


110 opens with a possibly unnecessary flashback to the day of Zeke’s initial attack on Ragako village. We, as the audience, already understood that all this occurred and the only possible justification for the inclusion of this scene is that it introduces the gas weaponry. We will see this is the future and it needed to be established so Isayama incorporated it here. Also, in this scene Pieck distinctly has her eye on Zeke. This is seemingly subtle indication that Pieck was always suspicious of Zeke and never entirely trusted him. Pieck has demonstrated very observant behaviour in the past, she quickly caught onto the plot on Marley and escaped the trap, so she’s clearly incredibly insightful. Additionally, the framing and artwork in that panel is excellent, it truly emphasises the suspicion from Pieck and the arrogance from Zeke. (Who said Isayama can’t draw?) Zeke in his explanation to Levi, has an interesting line, “The power of the titans will be sent to them,” this referring to the transformation from human to a mindless titan. This still implies that someone or something is sending the ‘power of the titans’ to these coordinates, they are sending the mass or the titan body. I always assumed the legends about Ymir were just fictional anecdotal myths not something to be taken literally, so this phrasing was peculiar. Bolstering this point, Isayama doesn’t seem to be fond of religion, so I always doubted the Ymir legend as an explanation for the origin of titans and shifters. Ultimately, I’m unsure who or where ‘power of the titans’ is summoned from, but I don’t think it’s a literal deity called Ymir.


Pieck looking at Zeke.PNG


Levi further demonstrates his absolute humanitarian ideology by correcting and reminding Zeke that the name of the village he massacred was ‘Ragako.’ Levi may come across as cold sometimes, but it’s important to remember that a key characteristic of his is absolute sympathy for human beings, even when someone is a complete fuck-up like the soldier that went to retakes his dead friends body and ended up getting another scouts killer in episode 22 of season 1. Even in that situation instead of scolding that soldier, who clearly fucked up, Levi comforted him. That’s where the fundamental disagreement between these two lies, because Zeke views that incident as necessary for the betterment of Eldia, whereas Levi views it as the unnecessary murder of a village. Zeke follows this up bizarrely by commenting that Levi mustn’t be popular with woman; (alright old cancer-ridden man…) which sort of undermines the gravity of the scene. I’ve seen this line, or something like this line, in many anime/manga properties and it has grown into a pet peeve of mine. Additionally, nobody talks like that, that’s not a line ever uttered by a serious human being, its unnatural dialogue, something this series seriously struggles with. The point trying to be communicated by this line was that Levi couldn’t begin to understand Zeke or his motivations in this war. Zeke then stresses that he wants to start the experiments with Eren and warns Levi that if they (paradise), believe that they have time to waste they are sorely mistaken, to which Levi agrees and the scene ends.


Levi and Zeke agree.PNG


We cut to Pyxis’ ongoing interrogation disguised as a conversation with Yelena who admits to meeting with Eren ‘that day.’ She throughout this scene explains her supposed motivations for all her shady actions, but an indication that all this is a fabrication is that we only get her explanation we never get a contextual flashback to her meeting with Eren or her careful manipulation of Flock, which I think we will inevitably get one when actual the truth is revealed. Consequently, Pyxis throughout this portion of the chapter is completely justified in distrusting her recount of events. She mirrors Zeke’s sentiment that paradise doesn’t have time to be messing around and says that Eren understood this sense of urgency and that’s why they were so agreeable upon their meeting. Pyxis inferences that Zeke must have promised something concrete to Eren for them to be so agreeable that tentatively. He then accuses her and Zeke of manipulating Eren, in response to this Yelena has an emotional outburst, aggressively jumping to her feet stating that all she wanted was for Eren to recognise her efforts and respect her. This outburst doesn’t paint Yelena well at all in the eyes of the view, in this situation for which there are only two possibilities; either she’s telling the truth and she’s an insane fanatic who can’t be trusted or she’s just a liar, double agent that can’t be trusted. After the outburst everyone soaks in the awkwardness and Yelena resigns saying that Eren gave her and all the volunteer soldiers hope that Marley could be toppled, just like Zeke once did. She also says Eren did a wonderful thing in Marley, and that her and Pyxis were watching history being written; “I just wish to witness it by their side.” Ultimately, she’s an insane and loyal individual that lusts for glory and purpose, weirdly just like Erwin. Pyxis summarises her story by concluding that she is saying that it was all for curiosity, but it’s clear that he doesn’t buy her story. She says that yes it was, and that Flock acted as the intermediary between her and Eren, claiming that all the goings-on were her fault only. Basically, she breaks it down to all being for the greater good of Eldia and that only she is to be blamed. Pyxis tells her outright that he doesn’t believe her and that she’s a bad liar for not injecting some truth into her story and the scene ends as he asks her again to recount the entire story.


Eren and Yelena fake meeting.PNG


We cut to a conversation between Hange and Onyankopon, who is explaining that he’s disappointed in the Eldian government’s doubt of the volunteer soldiers. He cites everything they have accomplished together as reason for her to not distrust them. Notably in this opening panel Onyankopon is shuffling a deck of cards, possibly indicating symbolically or subconsciously to the audience that he is not to be trusted and that he is the manipulator in this situation. Unlike Yelena his culpability in this mess is unclear, and I’m unsure whether he is trustworthy after many re-reads of the chapter. He states that he refuses to believe that Zeke could be a double agent for Marley. At this point of the conversation the guarding officer of Onyankopon’s house arrest is shown. Notably he is of the Garrison regiment meaning he likely reports back to Pyxis and may be gathering covert information for whatever Pyxis is planning. Also, he looks to be having the time of his life with an apple and an alcoholic beverage in hand each hand, maybe Hange gave them to him so he was distracted as the conversation went on. Onyankopon then criticises Hange dividing the military at an inopportune time and announces his further distaste for all the volunteer’s soldiers being held hostage. All Hange has to say in response is to advise him to just hang in there a little longer while they figure things out. Hange then explain to Onyankopon, who was seemingly unaware of the situation, that Yelena conducted a secret meeting with Eren. He seems shocked upon hearing this and through his body language and expression allows Hange to gleam that Onyankopon believes Yelena may be capable of doing something like that. Hange asks for Onyankopon to tell her everything he knows about Elena…


As far as i know.PNG


This panel shows Elena’s brutality and her willingness to do anything for her goal, or Zeke’s goals. As well as indicating that she is Zeke’s second in command or at least more informed than all her other comrades. Additionally, Onyankopon explains that he didn’t know anything about why/how they arranged and pulled-off a secret meeting and that all the other volunteer soldiers just followed her example. They also notice that her behaviour and demeanour towards different groups alters to support the oppressed or less-privileged group in a given situation. Examples are given of her mercilessly mowing down Marlian soldiers who came to learn the truth about they’re operation on the journey to Paradise Island, and her then juxtaposing behaviour, pleading for their human rights once they arrived on the Island, in front of the Paradise officials. Onyankopon concludes that she’s trying to retroactively atone for her sins against each group depending on the circumstance. Hange who now implicitly trusts Onyankopon grabs him and storms off, releasing him from his house arrest while he maintains his confusion. Hange must have had an epiphany of some sort and immediately understood that she needed Onyankopon because then the scene ends.


Hange and O take off.PNG


We cut to Armin weirdly touching up on Annie’s crystallised body, until he’s interrupted and caught read-handed by Hitch. The clear attraction Armin has to Annie in this scene is interesting because it’s questionable if Armin always had these feelings for Annie or maybe that Bertolt’s memories are shaping him more than we initially believed. Either explanation is plausible with the limited information we have, and we have seen that Armin’s view of Bertolt has changed since he ate him, he seems much more sympathetic. If we can divert for a second: Hitch’s post time-skip redesign is fantastic, look at her go! She notifies Armin that touching the crystal is strictly off limits. It seems she has been put in charge of guarding Annie’s crystal contemporaneously. Armin freaks out like an absolute weirdo and I hate him, this was an uncharacteristic outburst comparable to Yelena’s from earlier in the chapter. No one overreacts like that; this outburst is completely unnatural and breaks immersion. Hitch then playfully feeds into this overreaction and explains that she wouldn’t ban Armin from coming to see Annie because then she would have to listen to Hitch inclusively day in and day out. This lets the audience know that Armin is the only one that comes to see Annie in her crystallised form, and the only one to have contact with her besides Hitch. Then to cap off the scene in Annie’s underground holding cell, Hitch delivers the most meta line in Attack on Titan history, “Seriously, why are so popular, even though all you do is sleep.”


Hitch and Armin.PNG


We cut to Armin and Hitch walking outside the cell at the Eldian military headquarters. Hitch reads the media headlines to Armin wherein they bash the establishment for imprisoning Eren without explanation. A common motif in this chapter is a demonstration of the institutions and ideas that the scout regiment pioneered coming back to bite them in the ass, our first example of this is the freedom of the press. Hange ushered in a new philosophy of journalism and freedom into the Paradise press, and now using the very freedom she granted them, they are criticising her, and she can’t do anything about it because then she would become the ultimate hypocrite. Hitch says the military should have given the media some sort of satisfying information to quell the rampant speculation and distrust. Armin argues that providing satisfying information may have been impossible. He says (rightfully) that the rumbling ability must be kept top secret and that the Eren situation is so convoluted that it would have been impossible to give a satisfying answer. Armin concludes saying that they must figure out this Eren situation quickly. Urgency is another reoccurring theme throughout this chapter. He plans to do this, as we would later come to find out, by attempting to reason with Eren by talking to him with Mikasa.


Hitch and Armin Talk.PNG


Their conversation is interrupted by the overwhelming commotion at the front gate of headquarters, where a protest mob has gathered and are screaming for Eren’s immediate realise. Just as the freedom of the press example was used previously in the chapter, now the patriotism and nationalism the scouts once prided themselves upon, is being bastardised and used against them. This creates for some incredibly compelling television. Hitch is asked to assist with the quelling of the crowd by her fellow military police officers and separates from Armin who immediately and conveniently runs into Mikasa. Hitch demonstrates her maintained aversion to work by complaining about having to do this. This portion of the chapter served as a neat re-introduction to Hitch as a character which was needed, plus to show off her fantastic knew redesign. While Mikasa and Armin are heading inside they notice some suspicious looking recruits roaming in the area who will be important later in the chapter. Mikasa tells are that they haven’t got much time and they need to hurry. (Urgency)


Hitch Armin and Mob.PNG


We cut to their meeting with Zackery who is acting as the authority figurehead of the military on Paradise. (Not sure if that was mentioned in previous chapters or if I had just forgotten) Zackery’s favourite chair is shown to be present at the meeting and this is another instance of the incredible coordination between the Attack on Titan manga and anime units. I talked all about this is a previous article, but Isayama has planned the realise schedule of his manga to correlate with the anime unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. An element that would have gone completely unremembered by the manga audience is reintroduced in a recent anime episode and then Isayama brings that element back up and resolves it with the element still fresh in the minds of his manga audience. He used this strategy with Ymir’s backstory and with the reveal of the Beast Titans abilities last year, and now he’s done it with Zackery’s weird sex/torture chair. Perfect execution (pun intended) and timing on his part. Armin thanks Zackery for taking the time to see them, and Zackery apologises that it’s on a day like today. This line is accompanied by a great shot of Zackery overlooking the mob protest assembled outside of headquarter through his window. (See Below.) He notably refers to Mikasa and Armin as heroes of Shinganshina, which is interesting and shows the weight of what was accomplished by the scouts when they defeated Bertolt, Reiner and Zeke, it Mikasa and Armin’s legacy. They comment on Hange’s recent developments with Onyankopon showing the linearity of the chapter. However, Zackery ultimately doesn’t permit the two of them to meet with Eren. He believes that its too risky for them to see him with the current situation, but we know this is all sophistry to disguise that Zackery has already given up on Eren and wants one of his people to inherit the Founding Titan. He does drop the line, “We believe Eren is being controlled by Zeke,” which is highly unlikely due to Erne’s motives and that throughout the chapter Isayama is clearly trying to portray this possibility, but I believe it’s a red-hearing. Mikasa showing her true motivation just asks what will happen to Eren going forward; no one in the room answers her and then she inadvertently changes the subject to the chair. Zackery avoids the question about the chair and exposits that some ‘new recruits’ helped him move it up here. It is implied that he had them do this, so he could use it on Eren, with the intent to break his silence. Armin attempts to argue that Eren may open up to him and Mikasa because of their established history, Zackery ignores him and ends the meeting.


Eren is being controlled by Zeke.PNG


Hard cut to Armin and Mikasa standing outside Zackery’s office with the doors closed. Armin concludes the military higher ups (Zackery, Pyxis, Nile and Hange) have already abandoned Eren and chosen a successor to the Founding and Warhammer Titan. That is if Eren truly has the latter and didn’t inadvertently give it to the Jaw Titan. Mikasa says she’ll go listen in on the conversation between Zackery and some suspicious looking military police officers that’s ongoing to gather information. Armin argues against it and implores her not to break military law. She ignores him and once again explains that she’ll do anything to protect Ere… EXPLOSION! A bomb that was planted in Zackery chair by the new recruits successfully detonates and kills Zackery and the 3 supposed candidates for the inheritance of Eren’s powers. This was a shock to me the first read-through, it was a great twist that I certainly didn’t see coming. It seems all the new recruits for the Scouts regiment have successfully been indoctrinated by Zeke and Eren’s agenda, which means they must have systematic people in place to spread their ideology in the training system. Consequently, Zackery was assassinated and is now dead and there’s a lot of surrounding intrigue.




We cut to the ground floor of the explosion to see the aftermath. Armin, Mikasa and Hitch are all shown alive and are clearly overwhelmed by the entire situation. The image of Zackery half blown off body is brutal and is asking to be censored by the anime. As the trio regroups they notice the fanatical mob outside the gates are roaring in victory. They begin to realise the stupidity and brutality of mob justice; no thought or logic has gone into their parade. Mikasa and Armin finally realise that the tribalism mindset has taken over Paradise. This demonstrates to the audience that if something massive doesn’t change then the cycle of oppression and hatred is going to continue between these ethnic groups.


Mob Justice.PNG


We cut to a military meeting called in response to the attack with a variety of characters present, including Hange, Onyankopon, Nile, Mikasa and Armin. It’s exposited that explosion was planted in the chair and that a total of four military officials were killed. They state that the motives and the culprit are unknown currently, Hange then points out that Onyankopon was with her all day, and that all other volunteer soldiers were under house arrest, giving them all an alibi. Armin tells the group that Zackery said that new recruits from the scout regiment had moved the chair earlier in the day, placing the blame on them. Nile begins to respond saying that the survey corps must have been infiltrated and are leaking information when he is interrupted by a soldier who lets them know that Eren has escaped. He goes onto explain that Eren used his titan abilities to break out and everyone looks shocked at this, how did they not expect him to break free immediately? Why didn’t Eren break out immediately? This prison business isn’t making too much sense. To end the scene Mikasa asks Armin what the hell is going on…


Eren has Escaped.PNG


We cut to a shirtless Eren walking towards a group of his comrades who are seemingly stationed in the middle of nowhere. How did they know where he was going to be? How did he know where they were going to be? Eren comments that there is a lot of new people in the group, including the newly introduced characters from last month’s chapter. Flock who seems to be coordinating all these people explains that they are even more of them and that they have some (as Nile excepted) double agents on the inside. Flock then claims responsibility for blowing up Zackery, something Eren seemingly wasn’t aware of. But nonetheless Eren has no reaction to Zackery’s murder or any of that information. Flock explains that they did it because Zackery wanted someone else to inherit the founding titan, while they believe that Eren must be the one to topple the Marlian Empire. Eren responds to none of this and only says that he will locate Zeke. I believe Isayama’s intentions with this scene were two-fold; to mislead the audience into believing that maybe Eren is currently being controlled by Zeke and to tease a possible Levi vs Eren fight in next month’s chapter. The latter is extremely exciting, if Eren locates Zeke, Levi will be forced to intervene.


Erens Kruger Moment.PNG


We cut to Hange, Onyankopon, Armin and Mikasa riding in the back of a chariot. They all seem to believe they can convince Eren if they are able to talk to him. Plus, Zackery isn’t around anymore to deny them the privilege. Then the camera wonders and we get the most interesting twist in this entire chapter. To close the chapter out Peick is shown to have infiltrated the walls and is gathering information as she is reading the newspapers. This is a clear parallel to what Eren did in Marley and it’ll be incredibly interesting to see what exactly she has planned. Is she alone, or are other shifters or soldiers with her? The closing statement from Isayama ending the chapter is, “Internal conflict, and a visit from a foreign invader.”




Ultimately, this was great chapter of Attack on Titan, we got satisfying progression for a patient month’s wait, and we got a whole lot of intrigue moving forward. If Eren and Zeke team up can they subjugate Levi? I would love to think Levi destroys them both immediately and continues being infallible, but even I doubt him in that situation. Gabbi and Falco were absent from this chapter, what have they been up to? Is Peick planning to attack Paradise in a similar way to how Eren attacked Marley? Once again Isayama has teased Annie’s return to us, will it happen next month? Whose side will she be on when she emerges? Has she had a secret mission the whole time? So many questions and so long to wait, Isayama you’re killing me with these month-long waits, this chapter was great.




Attack on Titan Season 3 Trailer Analysis: How long will Season 3 Be?

The Attack on Titan anime drought cycle has seemingly been broken, and if we are being completely optimistic we will be getting more Attack on Titan anime content before the end of the year, July 22nd more specifically. This season will cover the ever-so controversial Uprising Arc critiqued by manga fans during its publication for its slow pacing and lack of titans. But most surprising about the talk surrounding the new trailer is the reported length of the season at 24 episodes. Now this number is unconfirmed by anyone directly in conjunction with the seasons production and has only been ‘confirmed’ by an insider account on twitter and all the information available seems to indicate contrarily that the season will only be 12 episodes. The aforementioned tweet:

Attack on Titan Season 3 Length Tweet

The content within the trailer would seemingly corroborate my claim of Season 3 only being 12 episodes because it only shows footage from the Uprising Arc. Season 2 of Attack on Titan covered 16 chapters of the manga, but also added approximately a total of 2 episodes of additional footage with the rearranging of Ymir’s backstory and the filler episode with the flashback to Eren, Mikasa and Armin getting in a meaningless fight. The Uprising Arc is 20 chapters, the following arc that would likely be included (in a 24-episode season) is also 20 chapters therefore each of these arcs would fit perfectly into separate seasons of 12 episodes. There is literally no indication from the trailer that the following arc will be covered by the upcoming season because all the good trailer bait footage would be from that arc, that’s what the promotional material would entirely focus on, and it’s completely absent. Additionally, it’s impossible to animate 24 episodes of anime in a year and some change, there’s no way WIT could have animated the calibre of show that Attack on Titan is in that short a time span.

Levi Screaming KENNY

Now the news that Attack on Titan Season 3 is likely only going to encompass 12 episodes of content would be destructive to people’s anticipation, but this allows for the most underrated arc of this series to get a proper spotlight. The Uprising arc focuses on 4 characters predominantly, Eren (obviously), Historia (as she continues her ascension to main character status), and most excitingly Levi and Erwin. These characters are all forced to live up to expectations and are forced to embrace their roles within the story and the world of Attack on Titan. Additionally, the inclusion of the new character teased heavily in the trailer: Kenny the Ripper, is refreshing as he is a villain that is entirely understandable in Attack on Titan. Kenny is a character as brash as Levi and one with a subtle backstory with an important friend from his past and interesting character motivation that you wouldn’t expect as a first-time viewer. These characters’ progression along with a deeper look to the workings of the internal Attack on Titan world elevate this Arc and allow it to stand with its contemporaries and even surpass many of them.

Attack on Titan Aftermath Uprising

To summarise, Attack on Titan Season 3 will likely only be 12 episodes, but that’s entirely fine because the Uprising Arc is amazing.





Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Attack on Titan Season 2 concluded in Episode 12 very similarly to how Season 1 ended, with a motivational speech from Erwin and then a final earth shattering reveal or tease for the following season. The tease for Season 3 was the host of the Beast Titan looking towards the untampered with walls, menacingly. This is a total farce because unless the next season is more than 25 episodes long there is literally a 0% chance that we see the Beast Titan attack the walls. This especially unlikely because Season 3 has been projected for 2018 which likely hints to another 12 episode season and if this continues yearly in completely fine with that. I’m incredibly optimistic about the realise date however, but if they do hit the 2018 date, Season 3 would cover the heavily controversial people vs people arc. But before we continue to speculate over the happening of Season 3 we should probably cover what happened in the final episode of Season 2.

AoT S2 E12 Eren Punch

There were two noteworthy occurrences in this episode and that was the reveal of Eren’s ‘coordinate’ abilities and the events surrounding that and Ymir’s choice to allow Historia to remain within the walls and leave herself, with Reiner and Bertolt. A few episodes ago Reiner and Bertolt teased the coordinate ability and the fact that Eren might possess it, and the foreshadowing paid off in this episode when Eren demonstrated his abilities. Whenever you heard a manga reader say that they had an estimate of when Season 2 was going to end, this was that moment its really one of the most iconic moments in the entire series. But the majority of the contention coming out of Episode 12 was everything that occurred before that, Mikasa somewhat confession and the heavily teased death of Hannes. The Hannes death was teased and hinted at more in the anime than it was in the manga, so it was a little predictable, whereas in the manga it was built up perfectly and the audience was fooled into thinking that Hannes would kill the smiling titan and bring his story full circle but Isayama broke another convention of traditional storytelling and decided to give him a brutal and meaningless death. This was one of Isayama’s best writing moments of the arc and was thoroughly enthralling. The other moment before the coordinate reveal was Mikasa’s confession to Eren and this is something I wasn’t and still aren’t satisfied with. The Mikasa and Eren relationship is terribly written its never establish how they feel besides this seen and then it’s never followed up upon in the future volumes the plot drives the story completely past the entire relationship. The whole storyline surrounding Eren and Mikasa is easily the weakest part of this series as of this point in the manga because it truly is yet to be developed or resolved.

AoT S2 E12 Ymir and Historia

Ymir’s decision to leave Historia in possession of the scouts can’t entirely be justified by me without explaining her thought process, which would undoubtedly lead to spoilers. This is an interesting point of intrigue for anime only audience, and I’d rather you guys speculate by your selves. However an interesting difference in the manga was that the Ymir scene with Reiner and Bertolt at the end after they have escaped the titan onslaught was the last we saw of these characters for a long time so it was mind blowing to me as a reader when Ymir described herself as a goddess. The was boosted by the fact that we hadn’t learnt her backstory before that scene so I theorised that the titans were related to God and that was evident through the thunder that hits them as the titan shifters transform, it was a whole thing! But it turns out it was something completely different and anime only viewers already know the backstory. Season 2 has been great for these two characters and how they’ve develop was a pleasure and fully displays what Isayama is capable of if he slowly focused on characters instead of the ever-compelling and fast moving plot of his series.

7Overall the final episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 gets a 7. It wasn’t as compelling as some of the better episodes this season but it was a satisfying overall conclusion to a great season of anime. Season 3 will cover the most controversial arc in the entire series and will focus on two new main characters along with Eren, of course. Both Historia, who got excellent development in Season 2 will  be feature prominently in Season 3, as well as, to the delight of the fandom, Levi will take his rightful place as one of the main characters next Season as we delve into him as a character and even meet a human enemy that rival him in: Kenny the Ripper.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Attack on Titan returned for the second last episode of the season with an epic episode that had a variety of audiences satisfied to the fullest. The explosive content crammed tightly into this episode is the reason that we had basically entirely lacklustre content in both episode 8 and episode 9. This episode combined the, to be expected, fantastic action with rare compelling character moments for a large majority of our cast. There was even some clever foreshadowing with Ymir’s dialogue in this episode that caught my eye as an elitist manga reader scumbag. Overall this episode was very likely my second favourite episode of the entire season only behind the monster reveal that was episode 6, but I have a special feeling that the contents of next week’s episode could rival both of those episodes if handled properly.

Erwin Loses his Arm

Firstly let’s cover the thrilling and creative action sequences featured in this episode. The excellent action chorography was all thanks to the animation team because none of these action scenes were as fleshed out or entertaining in the manga. Two scenes in particular spring into mind from this episode in relation to action, and one of these scenes is the one, in which there’s clever a moment with a horse riding in and helplessly knocking a member of the scouts into instant titan death. The other is the one in which Mikasa swiftly avoids all the approaching titans and makes it to Eren and Bertolt. Both these scenes were accompanied by beautiful animation that only highlighted their effectiveness. That scene featuring Mikasa was also followed by a nearly earth-shattering death scare for Mikasa which would have been pretty amazing if I wasn’t aware of everything going on.

Bertolt Breaking Point

The awesome action scenes in this episode were purely created, from scratch, by the animation studio, but the more important, compelling character scenes were all masterfully adapted from Isayama’s manga. Mikasa who, up until this point, was a very bland one sided character shows inner conflict and depth when, once again, she shows sympathy to Bertolt after his speech and fails to kill him. Bertolt causes the best scene in the episode, and maybe season, when he reaches his breaking point and demonstrates that there is more going one with his characters and highlights the human side of him but it’s also established through Armin that he is loyal to Annie. Armin demonstrates the darker side of his personality when he manipulates Bertolt into fully losing his cool and shows his willingness to manipulate people for his goals by bending the truth. (Annie isn’t being tortured by the way, I have seen a lot of confusion surrounding that. She is still sealed inside that crystal and is incapable of being harmed) Historia demonstrates her true motivations and goals when she establishes the extent of her devotion to Ymir. Erwin demonstrates his resilience and how much he believes in what he preaches when he is first mauled by a titan, then returns later in the episode to single-handedly retrieve Eren. Even Jean has a small character moment when he saves Mikasa from the aforementioned death scare, reinforcing his previously established feelings for Mikasa. All this intertwined by the additional action scenes truly improve all these moments from there manga counterparts.

Jean Character Moment

8Ultimately this episode gets an 8. This is because of the combination of stunningly animated and creative action sequences and the thrilling character moments from a series that sorely has been in need of some. Sadly next week will officially mark the final episode of this season and boy will I miss this show when it disappears again for an undetermined period of time.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Attack on Titan returned for the 9th consecutive week to another slow and dull episode that had neither character nor story development. This entirely reinforced what I exclaiming in last week’s review: both of these episode could have been speed up and rolled into a singular episode. It would have dramatically helped the pacing of both episodes, but instead we got two separate nothing episodes. This is even more frustrating to me as a manga reader because there is one major and a bunch of interesting little moments, between these four characters in the trees (Eren, Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt) but they will be crammed into the opening minutes of next week’s episodes.

The amounts of expository dialogue in this episode was nearly insulting; everything needed to be explained to death and the audience was treated like a bunch of idiots. Eren’s internal monologue was a prime example of this, we didn’t need an explanation for why he can’t run away its implied because of the world the author has developed in these last 30 episodes. This episode only slightly grades better than the previous because at least some interesting characters were involved in this one. The interactions between Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt are both compelling as an anime-only watcher and manga readers. It’s incredibly intriguing to see them try to figure out watch each other know about everything while keeping Eren completely out of the loop. This predicament also allows for great, subtle foreshadowing throughout the episode.

This episode gave me two moments where I screamed: ‘WHAT!’ These two moments were the Marco flashback and the tease of young Ymir in the preview for next week’s episode. The Marco scene was super surprising because nothing about Marco’s questionable death was mentioned in the manga until quite recently, which is considerably later in the story. The whole Marco death situation was a major mystery in the manga reading community for a long time, people analysed all his scenes and it was a major point of contention, but they seemingly revealed a majority of what happened very early in the anime. There is definitely more to that scene then is shown in this episode and that will most likely be revealed later but it was extremely surprising to me because I wasn’t expecting it this early. The tease of a young Ymir was also incredibly surprising because we have never seen Ymir as a child in any incarnation in the manga, unless it’s happening in the upcoming chapter in a few days. (Which is actually quite possibly because of the recent events in the manga)  But even if they do show Ymir’s past they would literally spoil the biggest reveal in the Attack on Titan Universe, so it’s basically impossible for them to show Ymir’s childhood. Therefore I predict the still image we see in the preview will be all they show us in Ymir’s upcoming internal monologues.

6This episode overall gets a 6. This is because the ultimate lack of anything remotely revolutionary in this episode and the continued slow pacing of the last episode. Also I was watching Sawyer’s review of this episode and he did point out an interesting animation error in his video that I thought was notable so everyone go check that out! Next week the action and excitement will truly pick up…

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Attack on Titan returned for its 8th week in a row, to possibly its weakest ever outing. This episode reminds me of the weakest parts of this series, and that’s our 3 weak main characters and the struggle this show has with its identity. Not only this, the episode was also hindered by an unnecessarily long, drawn out flashback that was literally only a page long in the manga. This episode was also, painfully slow in the pacing department and only covered one chapter of the manga when it easily could have covered the following chapter as well. If the following chapter was covered this episode would have been as epic as episode 9 is going to be next week.

As mention earlier, to me, this episode highlighted and personified the main two complaints I have with Attack on Titan. These are the 3 main characters and its struggle with its identity, this applies to the manga, and it isn’t a hindrance only of the anime. The predominant complaint that I have with the main characters revolves around there motivation and their characterisation. Armin is the generic smart but cowardly one and Eren is only slightly more complex than the typical Shonnen protagonist. But my true criticism are toward Mikasa and her motivations and seeming love for. My first problem is that we never see them interact in any meaningful way, Eren never talks or thinks about Mikasa besides in the flashback when he saved her. Eren sometimes talks about the faith he has in Armin so there relationship fells realistic and genuine but Mikasa and Eren have minimal compelling or interesting scenes or character moments together. Therefore (AT THIS POINT IN THE STORY!) The other complaint I mentioned was it struggle with its identity, which was clearly evident in this episode with its childish and stupid message, which was accompanied by a near cringe worthy scene of Armin, Mikasa and Hannes eating rations. The message of, ‘We just have to stick together’ lacks the complexity this show has established and seems like it belong in a show for children rather than a show as gritty and realistic as Attack on Titan. I thought that type of message and stupidity was beneath Naruto and I especially expect more complexity from Attack on Titan.

After basically shitting all over the episode this far now I’ll mention a few elements of the episode that I appreciated. I appreciated the detail Isayama included about the transfer of information in his story. This was evident in this episode through the fact that Levi, Erwin and Jean only now learning that the wall wasn’t compromised and there was no whole. I also appreciated the establishment of tension between the differing branches of the military. The Garrison regiment and the Survey Corps seemingly have a friendly relationship, which is on display in the scene in which Pixis and Erwin discuss the on goings of their world. But the Military Police has a militant and superiority approach to the other regiments. This is all set up for the events guaranteed to go down in Attack on Titan Season 3 and possibly 4. Another great aspect of this episode was the fact that Bertolt was intelligent enough to kidnap and seemingly kill a random member of the Survey Corp to obtain their gear and escape. Hopefully that also clarifies to anyone worrying what happened to the other guy Bertolt swallowed last episode.

5This episode overall gets the low rating of a 5. This is because of the overall disappointing nature of the episode, but next episode is shaping up to be massive and full of juicy dialogue. Also to all those that are fans of the romantic elements of this show specifically relating to Eren, Mikasa, Ymir and Historia may want to get excited about the remaining episodes of this season.