Tables Ladders and Chairs 2016 Review

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt defeated Heath Slater and Rhino for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships!

The Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt feud was off to a terrible start with the blatant false advertising from the WWE and the less then great match at No Mercy. However this new direction is working wonders for their popularity as well as their characters. It was a genuine swerve when Orton decided to join the Wyatt’s and its paying off big time. These guys feel like an unstoppable unit with a megastar (Randy Orton) and two guys who were in despite need of an opportunity (Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper). This dynamic between these three guys is so enjoyable that I don’t want this to be a short term. As for the match itself it was what it needed to be. Heath Slater has proven himself talented enough to get himself over and at this point all the WWE can do is leave him to his own devises and try to get back over. This loss shouldn’t hurt him and the finish kept Rhino relatively protected. It seems that Rhino and Heath Slater are splitting up due to the events that transpired on Talking Smack this week. The best thing to do would be to have them mutually agree to split up and then have Rhino go on to feud with Baron Corbin or someone like that, and put enough faith in Heath enough to come up with something to get himself back over. As for who the Wyatt’s feud with next I think American Alpha is the obvious choice, however there are some glaring negatives if this is the path the WWE decides to take. One of these teams would have to outright lose when, both need to be protected. But there really is no one else unless the Wyatt Family is turned entirely face. I this is the correct way to go because the Wyatt Family is already over as baby faces and then they can feud with the Usos plus another team further down the line which will be explained further down in this review(Miz and Dolph Ziggler)


Nikki Bella defeated Carmella in a No Disqualification Match!

This story line between Nikki Bella and Carmella could have concluded satisfyingly one of two ways: either these two girls are given the time to have a 15 minutes brawl were they steal the show and do over the top spot and have a great match. Or they could have had Nikki Bella finally get her revenge on Carmella for the weeks of torment Carmella has put her through. To my surprise WWE went with one of these options (even if it was the weaker of the two) and the match was pretty over with a mostly dead crowd. Nikki Bella is the biggest star in the Women’s division on both brands and it show because a large percentage of the audience cheer her. This is because of the 10 years of exposure and the Reality TV Shows she is a part of. No other female superstar on that roster gets a positive reaction no matter where the show is. To add to this dynamic Carmella is beginning to get over as a heel. She was hated by a majority of the crowd at TLC and that made for a fitting cap off of the feud. The match was what it needed to be and both participates are better off and more over because of it. However the reveal following the match was underwhelming at best. It was best described by this tweet from Adam Pachitti: (of


The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship!

This match has been widely praised by the majority of fans and I cannot understand why… this match was painfully boring. This feud is incredibly played out. It should have ended when Ziggler won the title in the career match, if not the immediate rematch afterwards. However for some unknown and unexplained reason the belt was switched back to Miz and because of the dumbest built in rule in the WWE, Dolph Ziggler is guaranteed an immediate rematch. So then we have this match and it was just painfully long and had terrible psychology. Ziggler was continuously selling different legs. The leg with the American Flag on it was the leg Miz worked over throughout the match but when Ziggler was climbing the ladder he was hopping on the leg that had just been targeted. Ultimately this feud needs to end and judging by the marketing and this week’s episode of Smackdown it seems to be ending. So where does everyone go from here? There have been constant rumors that Kevin Nash wants be a kayfabe body guard for Dolph Ziggler and adding them into a faction with The Miz and Maryse. To justify Ziggler and Miz joining forces you can have Ziggler not appear on TV for a few more weeks and then have Ziggler return and assist Miz in successfully defending his title. Have him explain that they have a common goal and that they have been fighting the system the entire time. They can be an anti-establishment group and hire Kevin Nash as a body guard.


Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto in a Chairs Match!

It’s hard to get invested in a feud if there are absolutely no consequences for winning or losing a match. This was the case for this entire feud. People have been saying since this match that the actual match itself was good and that (to me) really doesn’t matter if there is no interest in the outcome. The lack of emotional investment was corroborated by the crowd, they really didn’t care about this match. The crowd was largely dead all throughout the show and that isn’t the crowds fault, it’s a reflection on a poor show. This PPV itself had very little consequences besides the two title changes and the predictable (not necessarily bad) heel turn. After the match JBL said that Baron Corbin was a future champion and god help him if he’s right because this dude has negative charisma. He constantly looks lost and appears to not care. In the future I see both of these guys meandering in the dreaded midcard hell.


Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch in a Tables Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship!

Both these girls really needed to prove themselves in this match, however to their detriment this match was 5 minutes to long and way too uneventful. Nothing memorable happened in this match and the finish fell flat with the crowd. Becky Lynch is over with the audience because she has spent an entire year being jobbed out to everyone, but Alexa isn’t over with the casual audience mostly (in my opinion) for her absolutely awful acting and character. Her character itself is the most cookie-cutter caricature of all time. Her character is that she’s overly mean, there is literally no more depth to her and it’s a shame because she is decent in the ring. Becky’s acting is also terrible but she’s been around for longer so the crowd is familiar with her. The match’s one major problem was the stipulation. The match was spent entirely teasing the table spot and by the time the stop acting occurred the crowd was over it and only reacted after the fact. After the match Becky Lynch did an interview and was teasing a heel turn, and I believe that is the only way see can improve her acting and character. A killer Becky Lynch that breaks people’s arms would get over no matter what, and her feuding with Nikki Bella after killing a few girls would be the ideal feud for WrestleMania 33. WWE will probably go for the rematch between Alexa and Becky next and then hopefully they will have a Women’s Royal Rumble after that and then decide who feuds with Alexa after that. As stated it will likely end up being Nikki who takes the belt from Alexa and that is the probably the best option.


AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose in a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship!

This match was very similar to the Intercontinental Championship match earlier in the night because we have seen this match several times on TV and PPV’s. There was a lack of interest (from me) because of this I wanted the feud and the match to end quickly with AJ Styles going over and moving on from Dean Ambrose. This goes back to my philosophy that it doesn’t matter (to me) how good the match is if there is a lack of investment in either of the competitors or the story line. AJ Styles killed himself multiple time throughout this match for a match that is forever going to be overshadowed by the James Ellsworth heel turn. This match will certainly not be on the Top 10 best matches of 2016, it’s doubtful that it’ll even be short listed. This match just capped off an underwhelming inconsequential show. Hopefully this Ellsworth match is just to hold off AJ until Undertaker challenges him at the Royal Rumble and then there will be true emotional investment for just about everybody. AJ Styles will likely and hopefully drop the title and then Undertaker can take on John Cena at WrestleMania. The future of both Ambrose and Ellsworth is almost certainly the Rumble Match which they both have a small chance of winning.


BAD – All of the Championship Matches were underwhelming and the only redeeming quality was a fulfilling squash match!


Authors Note: As for my future covering the WWE product and Professional Wrestling, at this point I only see myself covering the PPVs. (Which there are plenty of) As well as random topical articles on things that catch my interest. 

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