NXT 122 June 20, 2012 Review

This review of NXT 122 will be the first of hopefully many reviews in this NXT review series that will cover all the episodes of the show that follow episode 122. This was the first episode of NXT from Full Sail University and was the first to resemble what we currently know, as NXT. Finally now that they’ve uploaded all the ‘real’ NXT episodes to the WWE Network, why not relive all the greatest NXT moments from over the years and give some of my opinions. Another key, important note that I should mention is that I have seen some random episodes from 2013 through 2014 before the show was a network exclusive and aired on free TV. However because I didn’t immediately purchase the network I didn’t jump back onto the NXT bandwagon until the NXT Takeover Unstoppable show. But I honestly don’t remember the specifics of any of the 2013 through 2014 episodes, so a majority of these episodes I am unfamiliar with and will be seeing for the first time. Another reason I have for wanting to do this review series is to see how certain characters evolve over time and how they eventually end up on the main roster as well as, gain a previously unknown perspective on some of the talents that currently populate a majority of the 2017 WWE main roster. With that being said why don’t we jump right into the first episode of the real NXT?

Bo Dallas NXT 122

Throughout this show we saw the beginnings of many modern day talents, first of all we were introduced to a young Bo Dallas. It’s plain to see that NXT was originally intended to spotlight Dallas: he’s the first character we are introduced to and we get an impressive video package for him. Then there was a match between Dallas and Rick Victor, who would later go onto fame (if you want to call it that) with The Ascension. This match was designed to highlight Bo and it was successful in that sense. The promo package for Bo pre-match was eye opening to see that he could cut a pretty great promo and was seemingly quick witted. This all but confirms that the main rosters over-production of these guys drains them of all creative influence, because we could seriously use some of this Bo Dallas on the main roster in 2017. Almost more interesting than that however, is that we see Victor here before he was transitioned into The Ascension with Konor? This wasn’t too big of a surprise to me because I knew that he wasn’t the original second half of that tag team. Eventually the other member must be transitioned out and the team scrapped all together because back in the 2013 through 2014 period that I remember watching, I specifically remember Konor feuding with the than NXT Champion Big E, in a singles feud, so I’m interested to see all of that develop over the upcoming episodes of this show.

The Ascention NXT 122

Next we had the previously mentioned original team of The Ascension taking on and effectively squashing a young Tyler Breeze and a young CJ Parker, who both wrestled under different generic wrestling names. It was interesting to see both these guys at this point in their careers. They are another two people I’m excited to witness develop over the upcoming episodes. Another noticeable difference in this match from today is how much better shape Konor was in back then in regards to now. Maybe if he still looked like the monster he does in these old NXT episodes, The Ascension wouldn’t be in the deep, dark grave they are buried in today. The match did everything it needed to do and established The Ascension as the predominant tag team in the NXT tag team division. Following that was our main event which closed out the show with a pretty great match between two rejected main roster hopefuls, in Tyson Kidd and Curtis Axel, who wrestled under a different name as well. The match was exciting and entertaining, more so than it had any business being because no one cared about the story going into the match. However they worked hard and the crowd full bought into the match by its conclusion.

Tyson Kidd NXT 122

5NXT 122 overall gets a 5. This is because the show wasn’t anything I would recommend people watch unless they are following along with these reviews. Throughout the night we also got further teases of other characters showing up in the coming weeks including both Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, so I’m looking forward to seeing there introductions into this environment. Also as another minor complaint the ring announcer probably should have been fired instantaneously following this show he was awful. Thank you for reading and hope to see you back when we discuss the 123rd episode of NXT.