Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Review

If I were to generally surmise Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 in one sentence it would be, ‘the dialogue sucked and nothing makes sense anymore.’ This week’s episode further contributed to the decline in quality of this show over the last few years/seasons. I’m not saying everything in this episode was below-average the Northern scenes were entertaining even if they didn’t make that much sense and the conversation between Jamie and Randyll Tarly was well acted and compelling but the atrocious final scene accompanied by a terrible opening scene didn’t help the episodes quality.

The opening scene this week picked up immediately after last week’s episode concluded, with Dany and company discussing their future Actions. I wasn’t fond of the ending scene last week and I certainly wasn’t impressed by this scene this week. The acting and writing in this scene felt B-Movie like, all the lines were super-generic and basic and the acting felt wooden and stiff most likely because the actor realised the lines they were being fed were terrible. The incorporation of Melisandre was extremely contrived and unnecessary and her dialogue was somehow worse than everything we had just heard. Particularly terrible and exposition heavy lines included lines from Tyrion like, “I like Jon Snow and I trust him,” and “Ned Stark’s Bastard?” The writer of these god-awful lines was Bryan Cogman who is said to have originally assisted the actors in understanding the lore of show and is probably the reason why the show is consistently contradicting itself regarding the lore of the series and sometimes out right getting things utterly wrong. The writing proved to get worse in this seen regarding Varys’ character. The character of Varys has officially been ruined by the show, add him to the list of other characters. His supposed true motivations in this episode were entirely anti-climactic and I would bet my life that this isn’t his true motivation in the books. Overall this was not a great start to this week’s episode.

Jamie and Randyll Season 7 Episode 2

Possibly the most interesting scene from this week’s episode was the conversation between Jamie and Randyll Tarly, regarding the loyalty of House Tarly. Both the acting and writing were pretty good in this scene and certainly the standout for this week’s episode, it was like the complete opposite from the opening scene. Randyll’s character was slightly fleshed out in this scene, it was mentioned that he had loyalty to the Tyrel’s and wasn’t willing to immediately turn of his lord, but was persuaded by Jamie’s proposal for him to be commander of Cersei’s forces. It was also interesting in the preceding scene the propaganda Cersei was using to undermine Dany. There was a pretty dumb aspect of the scenes in Kings Landing, this being the weapons Qyburn proposed to kill the dragons. Unless we have entered Middle Earth, there is a 0% chance that the weapon will even hit a dragon. Other than that, Kings Landing was refreshing from all the nonsense we had to deal with in largely the rest of the episode.

Sam Season 7 Episode 2

The scenes in Oldtown were particularly horrible this episode, the performances were fine but the leaps in logic surrounding the dangers of Greyscale were mind-numbingly dumb. So, the disease isn’t a big deal if you have a novice doctor and he bees careful and takes his time? Plus was Sam incapable of getting Jorah some Milk of the Poppy? Have we completely ignored the existence of that as well? Plus, this wasn’t the way Shireen was cured, was it? Her Greyscale was still completely in-tact on her face. Also, to ruin the danger of the disease even more the Arch Maester explains that you can just amputate infected areas and then you’re cured? I would bet my life that this isn’t the explanation in the book, and it looks like we’ll have to wait until its explained by George for us to get a real explanation.

The Arya scenes this episode was wired and still maintained the episodes themes of being terrible. The first scene with Hot Pie felt awkward and incredibly rushed and was only included to foreshadow Genrey’s eventual return and drop exposition about Winterfell. But the other Arya scene with Nymeria somewhat caught me off guard but still made completely no sense. Nymeria rejected Arya and left her behind. This would be interesting if it wasn’t obvious that she will, down the track, make a last-minute run-in to save Arya in the future. But it made no sense that Nymeria would reject Arya. There is no realistic explanation for why she would like Arya anymore because of her previous actions. These scenes were just awkward and wired.

The North once again was a standout in terms of acting and interesting plot points this episode. The moment when Jon announced that Sansa was going to be the lord of Winterfell in his absence was great, and a nice character moment between the two of the two of them. The scene between Jon and Little Finger however was incredibly dumb and had no reason to exist. The death bells are ringing for Little Finger this season which is a real shame because he has potential to be one of the best characters in this series. Arya and Brann are on their way back to Winterfell in the next few episodes so Winterfell is and seemingly will be a bright light in this season.

North Season 7 Episode 2

The ending for this episode, like the one from the previous episode, was awful. This scene did major damage to Euron’s character who they hadn’t completely ruined yet. I literally thought right before he came crashing into the boat roaring like a bad cartoon character, that there is no way he would do that, not even this show and the people creating it are that dumb, but they continue to prove me wrong. It was literally a laugh out loud moment for me and completely ruined any tension this scene can create. The killing off two of the Sand Snakes is clear indication to me that the showrunners have series disconnect from the audience they originally attracted. WE DIDN’T HATE THE SAND SNAKES THEY DID NOTHING WRONG, IT WAS YOU’RE PATHETIC WRITING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CELEBRATED WHEN KILLED.

Final Scene Season 7 Episode 2

5This episode infuriated me, beyond belief and because of that this episode gets a 5. The only reason that this episode doesn’t get a lower rating is because the production value and presentation are so outstanding and the acting in certain scenes were worth a 5.