Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 110 Review

Attack on Titan manga chapter 110 overflowed with interesting twist and turns this month, that culminated in one of the best chapters this year:


Peick reading the papers.PNG


110 opens with a possibly unnecessary flashback to the day of Zeke’s initial attack on Ragako village. We, as the audience, already understood that all this occurred and the only possible justification for the inclusion of this scene is that it introduces the gas weaponry. We will see this is the future and it needed to be established so Isayama incorporated it here. Also, in this scene Pieck distinctly has her eye on Zeke. This is seemingly subtle indication that Pieck was always suspicious of Zeke and never entirely trusted him. Pieck has demonstrated very observant behaviour in the past, she quickly caught onto the plot on Marley and escaped the trap, so she’s clearly incredibly insightful. Additionally, the framing and artwork in that panel is excellent, it truly emphasises the suspicion from Pieck and the arrogance from Zeke. (Who said Isayama can’t draw?) Zeke in his explanation to Levi, has an interesting line, “The power of the titans will be sent to them,” this referring to the transformation from human to a mindless titan. This still implies that someone or something is sending the ‘power of the titans’ to these coordinates, they are sending the mass or the titan body. I always assumed the legends about Ymir were just fictional anecdotal myths not something to be taken literally, so this phrasing was peculiar. Bolstering this point, Isayama doesn’t seem to be fond of religion, so I always doubted the Ymir legend as an explanation for the origin of titans and shifters. Ultimately, I’m unsure who or where ‘power of the titans’ is summoned from, but I don’t think it’s a literal deity called Ymir.


Pieck looking at Zeke.PNG


Levi further demonstrates his absolute humanitarian ideology by correcting and reminding Zeke that the name of the village he massacred was ‘Ragako.’ Levi may come across as cold sometimes, but it’s important to remember that a key characteristic of his is absolute sympathy for human beings, even when someone is a complete fuck-up like the soldier that went to retakes his dead friends body and ended up getting another scouts killer in episode 22 of season 1. Even in that situation instead of scolding that soldier, who clearly fucked up, Levi comforted him. That’s where the fundamental disagreement between these two lies, because Zeke views that incident as necessary for the betterment of Eldia, whereas Levi views it as the unnecessary murder of a village. Zeke follows this up bizarrely by commenting that Levi mustn’t be popular with woman; (alright old cancer-ridden man…) which sort of undermines the gravity of the scene. I’ve seen this line, or something like this line, in many anime/manga properties and it has grown into a pet peeve of mine. Additionally, nobody talks like that, that’s not a line ever uttered by a serious human being, its unnatural dialogue, something this series seriously struggles with. The point trying to be communicated by this line was that Levi couldn’t begin to understand Zeke or his motivations in this war. Zeke then stresses that he wants to start the experiments with Eren and warns Levi that if they (paradise), believe that they have time to waste they are sorely mistaken, to which Levi agrees and the scene ends.


Levi and Zeke agree.PNG


We cut to Pyxis’ ongoing interrogation disguised as a conversation with Yelena who admits to meeting with Eren ‘that day.’ She throughout this scene explains her supposed motivations for all her shady actions, but an indication that all this is a fabrication is that we only get her explanation we never get a contextual flashback to her meeting with Eren or her careful manipulation of Flock, which I think we will inevitably get one when actual the truth is revealed. Consequently, Pyxis throughout this portion of the chapter is completely justified in distrusting her recount of events. She mirrors Zeke’s sentiment that paradise doesn’t have time to be messing around and says that Eren understood this sense of urgency and that’s why they were so agreeable upon their meeting. Pyxis inferences that Zeke must have promised something concrete to Eren for them to be so agreeable that tentatively. He then accuses her and Zeke of manipulating Eren, in response to this Yelena has an emotional outburst, aggressively jumping to her feet stating that all she wanted was for Eren to recognise her efforts and respect her. This outburst doesn’t paint Yelena well at all in the eyes of the view, in this situation for which there are only two possibilities; either she’s telling the truth and she’s an insane fanatic who can’t be trusted or she’s just a liar, double agent that can’t be trusted. After the outburst everyone soaks in the awkwardness and Yelena resigns saying that Eren gave her and all the volunteer soldiers hope that Marley could be toppled, just like Zeke once did. She also says Eren did a wonderful thing in Marley, and that her and Pyxis were watching history being written; “I just wish to witness it by their side.” Ultimately, she’s an insane and loyal individual that lusts for glory and purpose, weirdly just like Erwin. Pyxis summarises her story by concluding that she is saying that it was all for curiosity, but it’s clear that he doesn’t buy her story. She says that yes it was, and that Flock acted as the intermediary between her and Eren, claiming that all the goings-on were her fault only. Basically, she breaks it down to all being for the greater good of Eldia and that only she is to be blamed. Pyxis tells her outright that he doesn’t believe her and that she’s a bad liar for not injecting some truth into her story and the scene ends as he asks her again to recount the entire story.


Eren and Yelena fake meeting.PNG


We cut to a conversation between Hange and Onyankopon, who is explaining that he’s disappointed in the Eldian government’s doubt of the volunteer soldiers. He cites everything they have accomplished together as reason for her to not distrust them. Notably in this opening panel Onyankopon is shuffling a deck of cards, possibly indicating symbolically or subconsciously to the audience that he is not to be trusted and that he is the manipulator in this situation. Unlike Yelena his culpability in this mess is unclear, and I’m unsure whether he is trustworthy after many re-reads of the chapter. He states that he refuses to believe that Zeke could be a double agent for Marley. At this point of the conversation the guarding officer of Onyankopon’s house arrest is shown. Notably he is of the Garrison regiment meaning he likely reports back to Pyxis and may be gathering covert information for whatever Pyxis is planning. Also, he looks to be having the time of his life with an apple and an alcoholic beverage in hand each hand, maybe Hange gave them to him so he was distracted as the conversation went on. Onyankopon then criticises Hange dividing the military at an inopportune time and announces his further distaste for all the volunteer’s soldiers being held hostage. All Hange has to say in response is to advise him to just hang in there a little longer while they figure things out. Hange then explain to Onyankopon, who was seemingly unaware of the situation, that Yelena conducted a secret meeting with Eren. He seems shocked upon hearing this and through his body language and expression allows Hange to gleam that Onyankopon believes Yelena may be capable of doing something like that. Hange asks for Onyankopon to tell her everything he knows about Elena…


As far as i know.PNG


This panel shows Elena’s brutality and her willingness to do anything for her goal, or Zeke’s goals. As well as indicating that she is Zeke’s second in command or at least more informed than all her other comrades. Additionally, Onyankopon explains that he didn’t know anything about why/how they arranged and pulled-off a secret meeting and that all the other volunteer soldiers just followed her example. They also notice that her behaviour and demeanour towards different groups alters to support the oppressed or less-privileged group in a given situation. Examples are given of her mercilessly mowing down Marlian soldiers who came to learn the truth about they’re operation on the journey to Paradise Island, and her then juxtaposing behaviour, pleading for their human rights once they arrived on the Island, in front of the Paradise officials. Onyankopon concludes that she’s trying to retroactively atone for her sins against each group depending on the circumstance. Hange who now implicitly trusts Onyankopon grabs him and storms off, releasing him from his house arrest while he maintains his confusion. Hange must have had an epiphany of some sort and immediately understood that she needed Onyankopon because then the scene ends.


Hange and O take off.PNG


We cut to Armin weirdly touching up on Annie’s crystallised body, until he’s interrupted and caught read-handed by Hitch. The clear attraction Armin has to Annie in this scene is interesting because it’s questionable if Armin always had these feelings for Annie or maybe that Bertolt’s memories are shaping him more than we initially believed. Either explanation is plausible with the limited information we have, and we have seen that Armin’s view of Bertolt has changed since he ate him, he seems much more sympathetic. If we can divert for a second: Hitch’s post time-skip redesign is fantastic, look at her go! She notifies Armin that touching the crystal is strictly off limits. It seems she has been put in charge of guarding Annie’s crystal contemporaneously. Armin freaks out like an absolute weirdo and I hate him, this was an uncharacteristic outburst comparable to Yelena’s from earlier in the chapter. No one overreacts like that; this outburst is completely unnatural and breaks immersion. Hitch then playfully feeds into this overreaction and explains that she wouldn’t ban Armin from coming to see Annie because then she would have to listen to Hitch inclusively day in and day out. This lets the audience know that Armin is the only one that comes to see Annie in her crystallised form, and the only one to have contact with her besides Hitch. Then to cap off the scene in Annie’s underground holding cell, Hitch delivers the most meta line in Attack on Titan history, “Seriously, why are so popular, even though all you do is sleep.”


Hitch and Armin.PNG


We cut to Armin and Hitch walking outside the cell at the Eldian military headquarters. Hitch reads the media headlines to Armin wherein they bash the establishment for imprisoning Eren without explanation. A common motif in this chapter is a demonstration of the institutions and ideas that the scout regiment pioneered coming back to bite them in the ass, our first example of this is the freedom of the press. Hange ushered in a new philosophy of journalism and freedom into the Paradise press, and now using the very freedom she granted them, they are criticising her, and she can’t do anything about it because then she would become the ultimate hypocrite. Hitch says the military should have given the media some sort of satisfying information to quell the rampant speculation and distrust. Armin argues that providing satisfying information may have been impossible. He says (rightfully) that the rumbling ability must be kept top secret and that the Eren situation is so convoluted that it would have been impossible to give a satisfying answer. Armin concludes saying that they must figure out this Eren situation quickly. Urgency is another reoccurring theme throughout this chapter. He plans to do this, as we would later come to find out, by attempting to reason with Eren by talking to him with Mikasa.


Hitch and Armin Talk.PNG


Their conversation is interrupted by the overwhelming commotion at the front gate of headquarters, where a protest mob has gathered and are screaming for Eren’s immediate realise. Just as the freedom of the press example was used previously in the chapter, now the patriotism and nationalism the scouts once prided themselves upon, is being bastardised and used against them. This creates for some incredibly compelling television. Hitch is asked to assist with the quelling of the crowd by her fellow military police officers and separates from Armin who immediately and conveniently runs into Mikasa. Hitch demonstrates her maintained aversion to work by complaining about having to do this. This portion of the chapter served as a neat re-introduction to Hitch as a character which was needed, plus to show off her fantastic knew redesign. While Mikasa and Armin are heading inside they notice some suspicious looking recruits roaming in the area who will be important later in the chapter. Mikasa tells are that they haven’t got much time and they need to hurry. (Urgency)


Hitch Armin and Mob.PNG


We cut to their meeting with Zackery who is acting as the authority figurehead of the military on Paradise. (Not sure if that was mentioned in previous chapters or if I had just forgotten) Zackery’s favourite chair is shown to be present at the meeting and this is another instance of the incredible coordination between the Attack on Titan manga and anime units. I talked all about this is a previous article, but Isayama has planned the realise schedule of his manga to correlate with the anime unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. An element that would have gone completely unremembered by the manga audience is reintroduced in a recent anime episode and then Isayama brings that element back up and resolves it with the element still fresh in the minds of his manga audience. He used this strategy with Ymir’s backstory and with the reveal of the Beast Titans abilities last year, and now he’s done it with Zackery’s weird sex/torture chair. Perfect execution (pun intended) and timing on his part. Armin thanks Zackery for taking the time to see them, and Zackery apologises that it’s on a day like today. This line is accompanied by a great shot of Zackery overlooking the mob protest assembled outside of headquarter through his window. (See Below.) He notably refers to Mikasa and Armin as heroes of Shinganshina, which is interesting and shows the weight of what was accomplished by the scouts when they defeated Bertolt, Reiner and Zeke, it Mikasa and Armin’s legacy. They comment on Hange’s recent developments with Onyankopon showing the linearity of the chapter. However, Zackery ultimately doesn’t permit the two of them to meet with Eren. He believes that its too risky for them to see him with the current situation, but we know this is all sophistry to disguise that Zackery has already given up on Eren and wants one of his people to inherit the Founding Titan. He does drop the line, “We believe Eren is being controlled by Zeke,” which is highly unlikely due to Erne’s motives and that throughout the chapter Isayama is clearly trying to portray this possibility, but I believe it’s a red-hearing. Mikasa showing her true motivation just asks what will happen to Eren going forward; no one in the room answers her and then she inadvertently changes the subject to the chair. Zackery avoids the question about the chair and exposits that some ‘new recruits’ helped him move it up here. It is implied that he had them do this, so he could use it on Eren, with the intent to break his silence. Armin attempts to argue that Eren may open up to him and Mikasa because of their established history, Zackery ignores him and ends the meeting.


Eren is being controlled by Zeke.PNG


Hard cut to Armin and Mikasa standing outside Zackery’s office with the doors closed. Armin concludes the military higher ups (Zackery, Pyxis, Nile and Hange) have already abandoned Eren and chosen a successor to the Founding and Warhammer Titan. That is if Eren truly has the latter and didn’t inadvertently give it to the Jaw Titan. Mikasa says she’ll go listen in on the conversation between Zackery and some suspicious looking military police officers that’s ongoing to gather information. Armin argues against it and implores her not to break military law. She ignores him and once again explains that she’ll do anything to protect Ere… EXPLOSION! A bomb that was planted in Zackery chair by the new recruits successfully detonates and kills Zackery and the 3 supposed candidates for the inheritance of Eren’s powers. This was a shock to me the first read-through, it was a great twist that I certainly didn’t see coming. It seems all the new recruits for the Scouts regiment have successfully been indoctrinated by Zeke and Eren’s agenda, which means they must have systematic people in place to spread their ideology in the training system. Consequently, Zackery was assassinated and is now dead and there’s a lot of surrounding intrigue.




We cut to the ground floor of the explosion to see the aftermath. Armin, Mikasa and Hitch are all shown alive and are clearly overwhelmed by the entire situation. The image of Zackery half blown off body is brutal and is asking to be censored by the anime. As the trio regroups they notice the fanatical mob outside the gates are roaring in victory. They begin to realise the stupidity and brutality of mob justice; no thought or logic has gone into their parade. Mikasa and Armin finally realise that the tribalism mindset has taken over Paradise. This demonstrates to the audience that if something massive doesn’t change then the cycle of oppression and hatred is going to continue between these ethnic groups.


Mob Justice.PNG


We cut to a military meeting called in response to the attack with a variety of characters present, including Hange, Onyankopon, Nile, Mikasa and Armin. It’s exposited that explosion was planted in the chair and that a total of four military officials were killed. They state that the motives and the culprit are unknown currently, Hange then points out that Onyankopon was with her all day, and that all other volunteer soldiers were under house arrest, giving them all an alibi. Armin tells the group that Zackery said that new recruits from the scout regiment had moved the chair earlier in the day, placing the blame on them. Nile begins to respond saying that the survey corps must have been infiltrated and are leaking information when he is interrupted by a soldier who lets them know that Eren has escaped. He goes onto explain that Eren used his titan abilities to break out and everyone looks shocked at this, how did they not expect him to break free immediately? Why didn’t Eren break out immediately? This prison business isn’t making too much sense. To end the scene Mikasa asks Armin what the hell is going on…


Eren has Escaped.PNG


We cut to a shirtless Eren walking towards a group of his comrades who are seemingly stationed in the middle of nowhere. How did they know where he was going to be? How did he know where they were going to be? Eren comments that there is a lot of new people in the group, including the newly introduced characters from last month’s chapter. Flock who seems to be coordinating all these people explains that they are even more of them and that they have some (as Nile excepted) double agents on the inside. Flock then claims responsibility for blowing up Zackery, something Eren seemingly wasn’t aware of. But nonetheless Eren has no reaction to Zackery’s murder or any of that information. Flock explains that they did it because Zackery wanted someone else to inherit the founding titan, while they believe that Eren must be the one to topple the Marlian Empire. Eren responds to none of this and only says that he will locate Zeke. I believe Isayama’s intentions with this scene were two-fold; to mislead the audience into believing that maybe Eren is currently being controlled by Zeke and to tease a possible Levi vs Eren fight in next month’s chapter. The latter is extremely exciting, if Eren locates Zeke, Levi will be forced to intervene.


Erens Kruger Moment.PNG


We cut to Hange, Onyankopon, Armin and Mikasa riding in the back of a chariot. They all seem to believe they can convince Eren if they are able to talk to him. Plus, Zackery isn’t around anymore to deny them the privilege. Then the camera wonders and we get the most interesting twist in this entire chapter. To close the chapter out Peick is shown to have infiltrated the walls and is gathering information as she is reading the newspapers. This is a clear parallel to what Eren did in Marley and it’ll be incredibly interesting to see what exactly she has planned. Is she alone, or are other shifters or soldiers with her? The closing statement from Isayama ending the chapter is, “Internal conflict, and a visit from a foreign invader.”




Ultimately, this was great chapter of Attack on Titan, we got satisfying progression for a patient month’s wait, and we got a whole lot of intrigue moving forward. If Eren and Zeke team up can they subjugate Levi? I would love to think Levi destroys them both immediately and continues being infallible, but even I doubt him in that situation. Gabbi and Falco were absent from this chapter, what have they been up to? Is Peick planning to attack Paradise in a similar way to how Eren attacked Marley? Once again Isayama has teased Annie’s return to us, will it happen next month? Whose side will she be on when she emerges? Has she had a secret mission the whole time? So many questions and so long to wait, Isayama you’re killing me with these month-long waits, this chapter was great.





Media Consumption Week #1 (Monday July 23rd, 2018)

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Welcome to the weekly (hopefully) series of me chronicling my media consumption while giving brief opinions on the various things I’ve been watching, reading, playing ect. I welcome any conversation or discussion in the comments:

Steins; Gate:

I unintentionally re-watched all of Steins; Gate in a few days, I just got entirely sucked in after watching Episode 1. I think this further demonstrates to me that re-watching your favorited series is so important in understanding what you consider the peak of entertainment. Figuring out how everything fits together and noticing little details in any narrative, strengthens your liking for whatever series. But this re-watch was so interesting to me because I used to believe Steins; Gate was my favourite show for a time, and then I watched some other shows and didn’t revisit this show and it fell gradually down the list. Following that I remember trying to re-watch some…

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Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 Review

Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 was necessary and interesting to the overall plot of the series, but was slightly underwhelming because of the lack of content we got. The most detrimental aspect of this manga is that the chapters are released monthly. The long wait between chapters make the reader forgetful and I’m sure a majority of the fans of this series have dipped out for a few months at a time, I know I certainly have. Additionally the chapters aren’t even that long when they’re realised and it’s frustrating finishing a chapter and knowing that an entire month is between you and the next chapter. But the worst part of is that there isn’t an easy solution to this problem. Writing and illustrating a manga that realises weekly is incredibly taxing on the author (especially when they do the art and the writing) and no one should be pressured into taking on this gruelling lifestyle. In all it’s a no win situation, and due to this the reaction to this chapter from the community was quite negative and this arc overall has suffered similarly from this pacing issue.

Annie Fuck Them All

The substance of this chapter continued to focus only on the Marleyans and their point of view. It detailed the lead up to, and the on goings of the opening few chapters of Attack on Titan. We continued immediately after the consuming of Marcel by Ymir’s mindless titan, and saw Bertolt, Reiner and Annie’s reactions to this. We got further insight into Annie in these moments because she out of desperation beat Reiner to a bloody-pulp and yelled, “Fuck Marley and Fuck Eldia,” which has serious connotations to her character and motivations which I will explore in a theory I’m currently working on. (Cheap Plug) But then shockingly Reiner stood-up for himself and took out Annie while exclaiming that he would take on the responsibilities that Marcel previously had and we see him mould the character or the “soldier,” that we saw at the beginning of the series. This complicates Reiner’s mental state furthermore, not only was he pretending to be a soldier he was also pretending to be a “warrior,” which we previously assumed was his natural self. But another surprising aspect of this chapter that was revealed was the willingness Annie seemingly had to using her body to infiltrate a higher ranking members of the army. This is uncharacteristic of her and interesting, as was Bertolt’s reaction to it. The character motivations of these three at this time seem to be as follows: Reiner wants to complete his mission for glory and for Marcel, Bertolt’s motivation is seemingly to impress Annie and Annie’s is unknown and more mysterious. Other interesting tid-bits from this chapter was seeing all the tiny contextual plot holes being filled in, it displays the attention to detail Isayama has in his work and reinforces the faith I have in his writing. Additionally the dude killing himself because of the guilt he had about his family, felt so much like early Attack on Titan, it was refreshing.

AoT C96 Conversation

It’s blatantly obvious that the story will continue to be told from the Marleyan perspective for the foreseeable future, and hopefully this continued emphasis will lead to the audience caring for participates on both sides of the upcoming and inevitable war. It would also add stakes and realism to the finale, and therefore be a fulfilling ending to the series. I still would like to see Isayama throw writing conventions completely out the window and have the remainder of the series be from the Marleyan perspective. I’ve previously exclaimed how utterly tremendous Levi would be as the antagonist of the remainder of the story, but in all likelihood we will probably end up back with our original cast around chapter 100.

AoT C96 Suicide

6Ultimately Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 had interesting content but not enough of that interesting content, and overall the chapter felt unfulfilling because the wait between chapters. This chapter gets a 6. If you have any quandaries or thoughts on this review or chapter itself, please leave a comment down below and chuck us a like on the article. Or you could follow me on twitter @nationofenter

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Review

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 was another solid episode for this season. This season is shaping up to be more like Season 4 than the lacklustre seasons 5 and 6, due to its return to focusing on character interaction. All throughout the episode the highlights were related to the actions and reactions of character rather than plot. In seasons 5 and 6, without adequate information from George RR Martin the show attempted to have a complex and tight plot but ended up as a forgetful convoluted mess. But we’ll save rants about seasons 5 and 6 for another day and reflect on the 4th episode of this season.

This episode opened to a follow-up to the ending of the previous episode, with the aftermath of the Highgarden attack. This scene emphasises what I previously mentioned as great character interaction. Braun and Jamie have incredible chemistry and the dialogue in this scene was well-enough written to not hinder the performances from the actors. This scene also cemented that these were characters the audience care about so in the climax of the episode the audience would care about the survival of Jamie, Braun and even Dickon. The performance from Dickon this episode was bedrock for a possible interesting character and his juxtaposed against his absurdly strict father demonstrated the complexities this show is capable of, when it isn’t bogged down in terribly forced fan service. Then we shifted perspectives to a very unnecessary and throw-away scene in Kings Landing. We saw Cersei having another conversation with the banker from Bravos and they seemingly foreshadowed the gold not making it to Kings Landing but as we later found out in the episode the gold safely made it to the city? That was an interesting bait and switch if it were intended. But having the Iron Bank as another ally to Cersei does assist the plot in presenting the two sides as nearly equal and does make the conflicts between them more interesting. These two scenes were both brilliant set up for what was occur later in the episode.

Cersei S7 E4

The scenes in Winterfell followed Kings Landing and they have received a very mixed reaction from the audience. Bran continued his robot impression and it still makes no sense narratively for the show to have put him in this position. The original 3 eyed raven wasn’t this obnoxious or boring so why is Bran? The call back to the line, ‘Chaos is a Ladder’ was an impressive inclusion and some harmless fan service. We get more Bran nonsense when Mira announces that she’s departing which could possible (however unlikely) lead to the introduction of Howland Reed, which the show built up in the Tower of Joy flashback we got last season. However I seriously doubt the show would introduce that massive of a game changing character this late in the series. Arya then arrived in Winterfell which was handled responsibly and without copious amounts of fan service, which was refreshing. But the very mixed reaction that I foreshadowed at the beginning of this paragraph surrounded the scene in which Arya fought Brianne. Many people calling shenanigans on the abilities of Arya and how she shouldn’t be able to fight Brianne competitively let alone seemingly tie with her. Personally I had no problems with the scene probably because I find Brianne’s character incredibly weak and boring and therefore her being rivalled was amusing to me. All-round the scenes in the North were fine and not detrimental to this episode at all, and featured many interesting character interactions.

Brianne vs Arya S7 E4

Following Winterfell, we journeyed to Dragon Stone with scenes with standout performances but questionable character writing. The initial scenes in the cave were… bearable. The ‘guiding of the hand’ part was astonishingly cringe-worthy and unnecessary and the ‘bend the knee’ comment from Dany was so dumb it was basically comical. The characters are all being idiots for the plots sake at Dragon Stone. A simple ordinary marriage pact would solve literally every issue between Jon and Dany and the only reason that this hasn’t been brought up is so they can have a dramatic realisation towards the end of this season. Personally I think I would have been much more interesting if they were forced to be married and then grew to resent each other and had to develop that way. But instead the show has opted for a run of the mill and predictable love story. The scene on the beach was surprisingly. The quality of the acting in this scene from of all people Jon Snow (Kit Harington) who is one of the weaker characters/actor was completely unexpected and the reaction of Dany was actually interesting and compelling. The way he delivered the line, “Then you’re just more of the same,” was captivating and poignant and the fact that she completely ignored his warning was even more effective and compelling.

Beach S7 E4

The climax of the episode and one of the best scenes in the entire second half of this series was the field of fire 2.0. I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a scene from this show in a long time. I was literally jumping up and down hoping that Braun would kill either Drogon, Dany or both of them. 75% of the reason for my reaction was that Dany is a character I don’t like at all and doesn’t deserve anything she has and 25% because it would have actually meant this show killed off a main character and reinforced that stupid decisions and rash decisions end in characters dying and have consequences. Her actions in the episode might have made her the most evil character in this show because she burnt the food that’s supposed to feed a majority of the population of Westeros through the longest predicted winter in a serious amount of time. The cinematography was done extremely well in this episode especially when the camera followed Braun for that long duration of time. The only negative of this scene besides some minor leaps in logic, was the mediocre cliff-hanger. Absolutely no one believes Jamie is drowning.

Dragon S7 E4

7Ultimately this episode had me emotionally invested in the climax of the episode and for that reason this episode gets a 7. The character interaction in this episode reminded me of better time with this franchise. Please comment below any feedback would be greatly appreciated and any interaction in the comments would be excellent.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 of Season 7 of Game of Thrones was a lot better than expected and is easily the best episode of the season to this point.


The episode opened with the highly anticipated meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the two most boring and redundant characters in the series. There are problems with the logic on display here. Davos seems to have completely forgotten that Tyrion is responsible for killing his son at the battle of Blackwater. The possible explanation for Jon not sharing his resurrection is positively stupid, he should really be regarded as God, HE LITERALLY ROSE FROM THE DEAD, but otherwise we couldn’t have this forced conflict between the two of them. That being said there were positive aspects to their meeting, the acting and writing were consistently handled well, surprisingly, and it wasn’t as fan-servicey as I anticipated it to be. There was also a neat nod to Jon’s true Targaryen lineage, when he pronounced that he was a Stark and a dragon flew overhead. Melisandre seemingly predicted the death Varys which is interesting but I’m excited coming out of these scenes for upcoming plot progression at Dragon Stone when I was certain I wouldn’t be, so bravo showrunners.

Euron S7 E3

Euron was somewhat redeemed for me this episode, last episode I feared that the show had absolutely ruined his character with that comically awful final scene, but this episode I felt different. His over-the-top, comical, bombastic personality was quite entertaining in this episode. Establishing Euron as a threat was certainly a theme all throughout this episode, both in Kings Landing and later with his actions at Casterly Rock. Cersei also agrees to marry Euron, only when the war is won, this indicates with 100% certainty that they will win this war. We also got a torture scene with Cersei and the Sandsnakes in a suburb scene both in acting and creating tension and having the audience empathise with the remaining Dornish leaders. The final scene worth discussing in Kings Landing were the excellent scenes with the banker from Bravos. The acting in this scene from both parties were reminiscent of better days with this show and was a much needed refresher. The incorporation of, “a Lannister always pays their debts,” was incredible and just worked in these scenes. Overall the scene in Kings Landing added to the already above average episode and further caught me off guard.

Bran S7 E1

The miniscule time we spent in Winterfell this episode was primarily focused on displaying to the audience that Sansa is useful in a leadership position. We got limited insight into Little Fingers thought process in this scene as well when he was talking about predicting all possible outcomes and therefore never being surprised. This was nicely juxtaposed with the long awaited return/reunion with Bran. If we had more time or the showrunner were as creative as they are portrayed, we could get some compelling narratives out of these two characters clashing. Also the show has weirdly, totally changed Bran between seasons, off-screen? I have no idea why he is so emotionless? Also there is no real reason that everyone in the North isn’t currently pronouncing Bran’s new position as King in the North. Anyway these scenes were largely harmless and didn’t affect the episode too negatively overall.

Game of Thrones
Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell

The final sequence for this episode were standouts to me, not only of the episode or season but of the entire series. Firstly we got a off-colour anime-esc series of events where Tyrion talked over a series of events that didn’t happen, which I wasn’t a fan off but then we got the legitimate series of events and it was also better than I was expecting. It was interesting to see Dany lose and be out moved again by Cersei and Jamie with the arrival of Euron to corner the Unsullied at Casterly Rock as well as Jamie’s troop movements and outsmarting the Tyrell’s. Now this scene did take so jumps in logic: there is no way the Tyrell’s lose to anyone but the dragons with the numbers of troops they should have, and the throwaway line Olenna had about their lack of fighting ability was dumb and directly contradicts the Battle of Blackwater. But the very last scene of this episode was absolutely outstanding and fully, in my opinion, cements Dianna Rigg as one the best actors in this show, accompanied by Rory McCann and Charles Dance. The scene was handled incredibly and they made the correct decision in not showing us her death and keeping her character so strong and defiant. This scene made the episode the standout performance it was.

7Ultimately, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 gets a 7. The leaps in logic constantly, hold this episode from getting a higher rating.


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Review

If I were to generally surmise Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 in one sentence it would be, ‘the dialogue sucked and nothing makes sense anymore.’ This week’s episode further contributed to the decline in quality of this show over the last few years/seasons. I’m not saying everything in this episode was below-average the Northern scenes were entertaining even if they didn’t make that much sense and the conversation between Jamie and Randyll Tarly was well acted and compelling but the atrocious final scene accompanied by a terrible opening scene didn’t help the episodes quality.

The opening scene this week picked up immediately after last week’s episode concluded, with Dany and company discussing their future Actions. I wasn’t fond of the ending scene last week and I certainly wasn’t impressed by this scene this week. The acting and writing in this scene felt B-Movie like, all the lines were super-generic and basic and the acting felt wooden and stiff most likely because the actor realised the lines they were being fed were terrible. The incorporation of Melisandre was extremely contrived and unnecessary and her dialogue was somehow worse than everything we had just heard. Particularly terrible and exposition heavy lines included lines from Tyrion like, “I like Jon Snow and I trust him,” and “Ned Stark’s Bastard?” The writer of these god-awful lines was Bryan Cogman who is said to have originally assisted the actors in understanding the lore of show and is probably the reason why the show is consistently contradicting itself regarding the lore of the series and sometimes out right getting things utterly wrong. The writing proved to get worse in this seen regarding Varys’ character. The character of Varys has officially been ruined by the show, add him to the list of other characters. His supposed true motivations in this episode were entirely anti-climactic and I would bet my life that this isn’t his true motivation in the books. Overall this was not a great start to this week’s episode.

Jamie and Randyll Season 7 Episode 2

Possibly the most interesting scene from this week’s episode was the conversation between Jamie and Randyll Tarly, regarding the loyalty of House Tarly. Both the acting and writing were pretty good in this scene and certainly the standout for this week’s episode, it was like the complete opposite from the opening scene. Randyll’s character was slightly fleshed out in this scene, it was mentioned that he had loyalty to the Tyrel’s and wasn’t willing to immediately turn of his lord, but was persuaded by Jamie’s proposal for him to be commander of Cersei’s forces. It was also interesting in the preceding scene the propaganda Cersei was using to undermine Dany. There was a pretty dumb aspect of the scenes in Kings Landing, this being the weapons Qyburn proposed to kill the dragons. Unless we have entered Middle Earth, there is a 0% chance that the weapon will even hit a dragon. Other than that, Kings Landing was refreshing from all the nonsense we had to deal with in largely the rest of the episode.

Sam Season 7 Episode 2

The scenes in Oldtown were particularly horrible this episode, the performances were fine but the leaps in logic surrounding the dangers of Greyscale were mind-numbingly dumb. So, the disease isn’t a big deal if you have a novice doctor and he bees careful and takes his time? Plus was Sam incapable of getting Jorah some Milk of the Poppy? Have we completely ignored the existence of that as well? Plus, this wasn’t the way Shireen was cured, was it? Her Greyscale was still completely in-tact on her face. Also, to ruin the danger of the disease even more the Arch Maester explains that you can just amputate infected areas and then you’re cured? I would bet my life that this isn’t the explanation in the book, and it looks like we’ll have to wait until its explained by George for us to get a real explanation.

The Arya scenes this episode was wired and still maintained the episodes themes of being terrible. The first scene with Hot Pie felt awkward and incredibly rushed and was only included to foreshadow Genrey’s eventual return and drop exposition about Winterfell. But the other Arya scene with Nymeria somewhat caught me off guard but still made completely no sense. Nymeria rejected Arya and left her behind. This would be interesting if it wasn’t obvious that she will, down the track, make a last-minute run-in to save Arya in the future. But it made no sense that Nymeria would reject Arya. There is no realistic explanation for why she would like Arya anymore because of her previous actions. These scenes were just awkward and wired.

The North once again was a standout in terms of acting and interesting plot points this episode. The moment when Jon announced that Sansa was going to be the lord of Winterfell in his absence was great, and a nice character moment between the two of the two of them. The scene between Jon and Little Finger however was incredibly dumb and had no reason to exist. The death bells are ringing for Little Finger this season which is a real shame because he has potential to be one of the best characters in this series. Arya and Brann are on their way back to Winterfell in the next few episodes so Winterfell is and seemingly will be a bright light in this season.

North Season 7 Episode 2

The ending for this episode, like the one from the previous episode, was awful. This scene did major damage to Euron’s character who they hadn’t completely ruined yet. I literally thought right before he came crashing into the boat roaring like a bad cartoon character, that there is no way he would do that, not even this show and the people creating it are that dumb, but they continue to prove me wrong. It was literally a laugh out loud moment for me and completely ruined any tension this scene can create. The killing off two of the Sand Snakes is clear indication to me that the showrunners have series disconnect from the audience they originally attracted. WE DIDN’T HATE THE SAND SNAKES THEY DID NOTHING WRONG, IT WAS YOU’RE PATHETIC WRITING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CELEBRATED WHEN KILLED.

Final Scene Season 7 Episode 2

5This episode infuriated me, beyond belief and because of that this episode gets a 5. The only reason that this episode doesn’t get a lower rating is because the production value and presentation are so outstanding and the acting in certain scenes were worth a 5.