Media Consumption Week #1 (Monday July 23rd, 2018)

Welcome to the weekly (hopefully) series of me chronicling my media consumption while giving brief opinions on the various things I’ve been watching, reading, playing ect. I welcome any conversation or discussion in the comments: Steins; Gate: I unintentionally re-watched all of Steins; Gate in a few days, I just got entirely sucked in after … Continue reading Media Consumption Week #1 (Monday July 23rd, 2018)


Sony E3 Press Conference 2017 Review

Sony’s 2016 press conference may have been the single greatest video game press conference that I had ever seen, so saying the this year’s conference had some extremely high expectations would be a savvier understatement. As a result of these expectations this press conference was disappointing to me. Many games weren’t included including The Last … Continue reading Sony E3 Press Conference 2017 Review

Bethesda E3 Press Conference Review

Bethesda’s E3 conference was a lot shorter and more compacted than I was expecting, but overall there were only 2 games that interested me: The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. The other additional announcements surrounded games that revolved around either VR or large RPG’s that I don’t have the time to get … Continue reading Bethesda E3 Press Conference Review