Attack on Titan Season 3 Trailer Discussion

The Attack on Titan anime drought cycle has seemingly been broken, and if we are being completely optimistic we will be getting more Attack on Titan anime content before the end of the year, July 22nd more specifically. This season will cover the ever-so controversial Uprising Arc critiqued by manga fans during its publication for its slow pacing and lack of titans. But most surprising about the talk surrounding the new trailer is the reported length of the season at 24 episodes. Now this number is unconfirmed by anyone directly in conjunction with the seasons production and has only been ‘confirmed’ by an insider account on twitter and all the information available seems to indicate contrarily that the season will only be 12 episodes. The aforementioned tweet:

Attack on Titan Season 3 Length Tweet

The content within the trailer would seemingly corroborate my claim of Season 3 only being 12 episodes because it only shows footage from the Uprising Arc. Season 2 of Attack on Titan covered 16 chapters of the manga, but also added approximately a total of 2 episodes of additional footage with the rearranging of Ymir’s backstory and the filler episode with the flashback to Eren, Mikasa and Armin getting in a meaningless fight. The Uprising Arc is 20 chapters, the following arc that would likely be included (in a 24-episode season) is also 20 chapters therefore each of these arcs would fit perfectly into separate seasons of 12 episodes. There is literally no indication from the trailer that the following arc will be covered by the upcoming season because all the good trailer bait footage would be from that arc, that’s what the promotional material would entirely focus on, and it’s completely absent. Additionally, it’s impossible to animate 24 episodes of anime in a year and some change, there’s no way WIT could have animated the calibre of show that Attack on Titan is in that short a time span.

Levi Screaming KENNY

Now the news that Attack on Titan Season 3 is likely only going to encompass 12 episodes of content would be destructive to people’s anticipation, but this allows for the most underrated arc of this series to get a proper spotlight. The Uprising arc focuses on 4 characters predominantly, Eren (obviously), Historia (as she continues her ascension to main character status), and most excitingly Levi and Erwin. These characters are all forced to live up to expectations and are forced to embrace their roles within the story and the world of Attack on Titan. Additionally, the inclusion of the new character teased heavily in the trailer: Kenny the Ripper, is refreshing as he is a villain that is entirely understandable in Attack on Titan. Kenny is a character as brash as Levi and one with a subtle backstory with an important friend from his past and interesting character motivation that you wouldn’t expect as a first-time viewer. These characters’ progression along with a deeper look to the workings of the internal Attack on Titan world elevate this Arc and allow it to stand with its contemporaries and even surpass many of them.

Attack on Titan Aftermath Uprising

To summarise, Attack on Titan Season 3 will likely only be 12 episodes, but that’s entirely fine because the Uprising Arc is amazing.






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