Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4 Review

The prediction I made in earlier reviews was somewhat correct, this episode did indeed conclude with someone ‘falling,’ but I was certain we weren’t getting the transformation this episode. But reflecting on it now if the studio had decided to end it with Ymir jumping over the edge everyone would have either figured out that she was a shifter, or some asswhole would have spoiled it for next to everyone. This very well may be my favorite Attack on Titan episode this far and possibly ever, because this is the best part of the manga. But this does mean that we won’t be getting an earth-shattering episode 5 like last season, like I theorised in the previous review, unless the rush everything awfully and get to ‘THAT’ reveal. This episode featured none of the first seasons main cast only characters that have been properly established this season, which just goes to show you how great this season has been at reinforcing our attachment to these characters.

One of the initial concerns I had with episode 3 when it first was released was that the Ymir and Reiner was perceivably quickly skipped over, but thankfully the scene was completely featured unaltered in this episode, because it is incredibly important to storylines right now and way down the track in season 4/5. We also got continued characterisation of our cast, that didn’t get much of any in the first season, which is overall good for the show because now we care about a dozen characters instead of the four or five we did in season one. An example of this was the flashback with Reiner, which is basically Attack on Titan’s version of the Itachi ‘massacre’ scene in Naruto. We will see this scene two or three time without actually seeing the entire context of the scene but only getting little bits of information. Also for any anime only viewers that are confused: that is Bertolt in the flashback scene. It was mentioned in season 1 episode 2 that they were both from the same village, as well as Annie and this kid that was never mentioned previously. Also many people have made connections between Ymir’s titan form and the mindless titan in the flashback, maybe you’re onto something, and maybe you’re not?

I would also like to wash Isayama’s balls again on his clever writing this episode, but not with mysterious but with action this episode. This episode and chapter in the manga was incredibly creative with the way they handle the attacks of the titans and how our characters handled them. Reiner carrying a titan was awesome and Bertolt saving him helped establish him as a character that is reliable and reinforces his relationship with Reiner. But sadly to keep the dire atmosphere and tone of this show some people had to depart this episode. The victims of Isayama this week was the remaining members of Mike’s squad which at this point of the story were the best squad in terms of skill in the entire survey corp. (since Levi’s squad was killed by the female titan) Since Levi is skill injured (leg) the only competent non-titan soldier (not warrior) is Mikasa. But the ending of this episode was perfect and seemingly surprised a lot of the audience in the reactions I have seen.

8This week’s episode of Attack on Titan gets an 8. This is because they successfully adapted my favorite moments from the manga and seemingly broke the internet with an awesome final reveal. Next episode is titled ‘HISTORIA’ which every manga reader immediately get a shit eating grin. Let’s just say we might have a side character move into main character status and there name might just be Historia? Maybe I have said too much…