Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Attack on Titan Season 2 concluded in Episode 12 very similarly to how Season 1 ended, with a motivational speech from Erwin and then a final earth shattering reveal or tease for the following season. The tease for Season 3 was the host of the Beast Titan looking towards the untampered with walls, menacingly. This is a total farce because unless the next season is more than 25 episodes long there is literally a 0% chance that we see the Beast Titan attack the walls. This especially unlikely because Season 3 has been projected for 2018 which likely hints to another 12 episode season and if this continues yearly in completely fine with that. I’m incredibly optimistic about the realise date however, but if they do hit the 2018 date, Season 3 would cover the heavily controversial people vs people arc. But before we continue to speculate over the happening of Season 3 we should probably cover what happened in the final episode of Season 2.

AoT S2 E12 Eren Punch

There were two noteworthy occurrences in this episode and that was the reveal of Eren’s ‘coordinate’ abilities and the events surrounding that and Ymir’s choice to allow Historia to remain within the walls and leave herself, with Reiner and Bertolt. A few episodes ago Reiner and Bertolt teased the coordinate ability and the fact that Eren might possess it, and the foreshadowing paid off in this episode when Eren demonstrated his abilities. Whenever you heard a manga reader say that they had an estimate of when Season 2 was going to end, this was that moment its really one of the most iconic moments in the entire series. But the majority of the contention coming out of Episode 12 was everything that occurred before that, Mikasa somewhat confession and the heavily teased death of Hannes. The Hannes death was teased and hinted at more in the anime than it was in the manga, so it was a little predictable, whereas in the manga it was built up perfectly and the audience was fooled into thinking that Hannes would kill the smiling titan and bring his story full circle but Isayama broke another convention of traditional storytelling and decided to give him a brutal and meaningless death. This was one of Isayama’s best writing moments of the arc and was thoroughly enthralling. The other moment before the coordinate reveal was Mikasa’s confession to Eren and this is something I wasn’t and still aren’t satisfied with. The Mikasa and Eren relationship is terribly written its never establish how they feel besides this seen and then it’s never followed up upon in the future volumes the plot drives the story completely past the entire relationship. The whole storyline surrounding Eren and Mikasa is easily the weakest part of this series as of this point in the manga because it truly is yet to be developed or resolved.

AoT S2 E12 Ymir and Historia

Ymir’s decision to leave Historia in possession of the scouts can’t entirely be justified by me without explaining her thought process, which would undoubtedly lead to spoilers. This is an interesting point of intrigue for anime only audience, and I’d rather you guys speculate by your selves. However an interesting difference in the manga was that the Ymir scene with Reiner and Bertolt at the end after they have escaped the titan onslaught was the last we saw of these characters for a long time so it was mind blowing to me as a reader when Ymir described herself as a goddess. The was boosted by the fact that we hadn’t learnt her backstory before that scene so I theorised that the titans were related to God and that was evident through the thunder that hits them as the titan shifters transform, it was a whole thing! But it turns out it was something completely different and anime only viewers already know the backstory. Season 2 has been great for these two characters and how they’ve develop was a pleasure and fully displays what Isayama is capable of if he slowly focused on characters instead of the ever-compelling and fast moving plot of his series.

7Overall the final episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 gets a 7. It wasn’t as compelling as some of the better episodes this season but it was a satisfying overall conclusion to a great season of anime. Season 3 will cover the most controversial arc in the entire series and will focus on two new main characters along with Eren, of course. Both Historia, who got excellent development in Season 2 will  be feature prominently in Season 3, as well as, to the delight of the fandom, Levi will take his rightful place as one of the main characters next Season as we delve into him as a character and even meet a human enemy that rival him in: Kenny the Ripper.