Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 Review

Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 was necessary and interesting to the overall plot of the series, but was slightly underwhelming because of the lack of content we got. The most detrimental aspect of this manga is that the chapters are released monthly. The long wait between chapters make the reader forgetful and I’m sure a majority of the fans of this series have dipped out for a few months at a time, I know I certainly have. Additionally the chapters aren’t even that long when they’re realised and it’s frustrating finishing a chapter and knowing that an entire month is between you and the next chapter. But the worst part of is that there isn’t an easy solution to this problem. Writing and illustrating a manga that realises weekly is incredibly taxing on the author (especially when they do the art and the writing) and no one should be pressured into taking on this gruelling lifestyle. In all it’s a no win situation, and due to this the reaction to this chapter from the community was quite negative and this arc overall has suffered similarly from this pacing issue.

Annie Fuck Them All

The substance of this chapter continued to focus only on the Marleyans and their point of view. It detailed the lead up to, and the on goings of the opening few chapters of Attack on Titan. We continued immediately after the consuming of Marcel by Ymir’s mindless titan, and saw Bertolt, Reiner and Annie’s reactions to this. We got further insight into Annie in these moments because she out of desperation beat Reiner to a bloody-pulp and yelled, “Fuck Marley and Fuck Eldia,” which has serious connotations to her character and motivations which I will explore in a theory I’m currently working on. (Cheap Plug) But then shockingly Reiner stood-up for himself and took out Annie while exclaiming that he would take on the responsibilities that Marcel previously had and we see him mould the character or the “soldier,” that we saw at the beginning of the series. This complicates Reiner’s mental state furthermore, not only was he pretending to be a soldier he was also pretending to be a “warrior,” which we previously assumed was his natural self. But another surprising aspect of this chapter that was revealed was the willingness Annie seemingly had to using her body to infiltrate a higher ranking members of the army. This is uncharacteristic of her and interesting, as was Bertolt’s reaction to it. The character motivations of these three at this time seem to be as follows: Reiner wants to complete his mission for glory and for Marcel, Bertolt’s motivation is seemingly to impress Annie and Annie’s is unknown and more mysterious. Other interesting tid-bits from this chapter was seeing all the tiny contextual plot holes being filled in, it displays the attention to detail Isayama has in his work and reinforces the faith I have in his writing. Additionally the dude killing himself because of the guilt he had about his family, felt so much like early Attack on Titan, it was refreshing.

AoT C96 Conversation

It’s blatantly obvious that the story will continue to be told from the Marleyan perspective for the foreseeable future, and hopefully this continued emphasis will lead to the audience caring for participates on both sides of the upcoming and inevitable war. It would also add stakes and realism to the finale, and therefore be a fulfilling ending to the series. I still would like to see Isayama throw writing conventions completely out the window and have the remainder of the series be from the Marleyan perspective. I’ve previously exclaimed how utterly tremendous Levi would be as the antagonist of the remainder of the story, but in all likelihood we will probably end up back with our original cast around chapter 100.

AoT C96 Suicide

6Ultimately Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 96 had interesting content but not enough of that interesting content, and overall the chapter felt unfulfilling because the wait between chapters. This chapter gets a 6. If you have any quandaries or thoughts on this review or chapter itself, please leave a comment down below and chuck us a like on the article. Or you could follow me on twitter @nationofenter


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