Thanos is a Generation Defining Villain

Thanos is the standout element of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. He wasn’t the reason the movie made so much money but is the reason for its overwhelmingly positive reception from critics and audiences alike. Thanos as a villain is so effective, not only because the standard MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) villains are terrible, but because he is a nuanced character with good intentions. Thanos doesn’t gloat about his actions and subsequent victory, he doesn’t needlessly rub in his superiority or anger easily, he is lawful evil. He’s doing what he believes is the only way to save the universe from unbalance and ruin. This generation defining performance makes Thanos this generations parallel to Darth Vader.


Image result for thanos


Thanos will redefine the contemporary villain architype. Everything Marvel does is mirrored by money-hungry studios; just look at the abundance of attempted cinematic universes from DC to the Paramounts shared monster’s universe, that all take direct inspiration from the Marvel formula. Therefore, the fascinating villain from the biggest Marvel movie to date, will surely be reimagined just as Darth Vader has been ever since Star Wars: A New Hope. Every time I watch Infinity War I am further flabbergasted that Thanos and as a result this movie was so masterfully created. Congratulations Marvel for creating a movie comparable to the first Star Wars in terms of impact on culture and even bigger in terms of monetary value, you’ve earnt it.




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