Why is Kissanime a Better Service than All the Legal Anime Streaming Platforms

The obvious answer to the titular question is that Kissanime has literally every anime I’ve ever been interested in watching within its catalogue, and more importantly it’s entirely free. But these elements aren’t the ones I want to highlight here, rather I want to highlight what Kissanime does that should be easy for alternatives like Chrunchyroll and Funimation to implement, but for some reason don’t. These complaints will be reasonable and available to fix for these pre-existing platforms. Obviously, they can’t give free access and have the ultimate anime selection like Kissanime, due to pesky streaming rights. Disclaimer before we delve to deep; fuck the anime industry, in fact fuck every industry in existence, I don’t want to hear your preachy narrative about supporting the industry because you heard some bought and paid for pundit’s talking points. You shouldn’t feel obliged to support any industry ever, but only creators you respect and are willing to compensate for their work. If they can’t supply a way for us to compensate them reasonably the fuck em, sometimes the baby has to go out with the bathwater.


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There are two main aspects that Kissanime’s website excels at, far better than the paying alternatives do, the simplistic layout of the site and the ease of use of its various video players. Every anime is easily accessible on Kissanime because the search feature actually works, and the interface is effective. There is a random button, a list of recently realised shows and a most popular list, all immediately available on the home page. Additionally, you can hoover over the title of an anime you’re interested in and a display image pops up as well as a brief description. Then if you click on the anime you are taken directly to the page that has all the episodes listed. This is different to the alternatives because there is no exasperated bullshit. You don’t have to jump through hopes or transverse over-designed interfaces, it just works simply and effectively. YouTube clearly has the best video player in existence but the terrible video player on the legal anime websites make Kissanime’s look like YouTube’s. Funimation’s video player constantly fucks itself and then when you refresh its fucked all over again and you have to sit through further adds. When I had the choice between binging My Hero Academia for free when it was available on both Funimation and Kissanime, I tried desperately to watch it legally, but it kept fucking me repeatedly and it wasn’t worth it, so I had to switch to the superior alternative.


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These platforms are unacceptably bad at existing and it’s shameful when a dodgy site run on Russian servers can put forward a more user-friendly experience when compared to you. At least when anime fans had to buy physical media it was all easily available from the disc and I didn’t have to get repeatedly fucked…


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