Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 of Season 7 of Game of Thrones was a lot better than expected and is easily the best episode of the season to this point.


The episode opened with the highly anticipated meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the two most boring and redundant characters in the series. There are problems with the logic on display here. Davos seems to have completely forgotten that Tyrion is responsible for killing his son at the battle of Blackwater. The possible explanation for Jon not sharing his resurrection is positively stupid, he should really be regarded as God, HE LITERALLY ROSE FROM THE DEAD, but otherwise we couldn’t have this forced conflict between the two of them. That being said there were positive aspects to their meeting, the acting and writing were consistently handled well, surprisingly, and it wasn’t as fan-servicey as I anticipated it to be. There was also a neat nod to Jon’s true Targaryen lineage, when he pronounced that he was a Stark and a dragon flew overhead. Melisandre seemingly predicted the death Varys which is interesting but I’m excited coming out of these scenes for upcoming plot progression at Dragon Stone when I was certain I wouldn’t be, so bravo showrunners.

Euron S7 E3

Euron was somewhat redeemed for me this episode, last episode I feared that the show had absolutely ruined his character with that comically awful final scene, but this episode I felt different. His over-the-top, comical, bombastic personality was quite entertaining in this episode. Establishing Euron as a threat was certainly a theme all throughout this episode, both in Kings Landing and later with his actions at Casterly Rock. Cersei also agrees to marry Euron, only when the war is won, this indicates with 100% certainty that they will win this war. We also got a torture scene with Cersei and the Sandsnakes in a suburb scene both in acting and creating tension and having the audience empathise with the remaining Dornish leaders. The final scene worth discussing in Kings Landing were the excellent scenes with the banker from Bravos. The acting in this scene from both parties were reminiscent of better days with this show and was a much needed refresher. The incorporation of, “a Lannister always pays their debts,” was incredible and just worked in these scenes. Overall the scene in Kings Landing added to the already above average episode and further caught me off guard.

Bran S7 E1

The miniscule time we spent in Winterfell this episode was primarily focused on displaying to the audience that Sansa is useful in a leadership position. We got limited insight into Little Fingers thought process in this scene as well when he was talking about predicting all possible outcomes and therefore never being surprised. This was nicely juxtaposed with the long awaited return/reunion with Bran. If we had more time or the showrunner were as creative as they are portrayed, we could get some compelling narratives out of these two characters clashing. Also the show has weirdly, totally changed Bran between seasons, off-screen? I have no idea why he is so emotionless? Also there is no real reason that everyone in the North isn’t currently pronouncing Bran’s new position as King in the North. Anyway these scenes were largely harmless and didn’t affect the episode too negatively overall.

Game of Thrones
Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell

The final sequence for this episode were standouts to me, not only of the episode or season but of the entire series. Firstly we got a off-colour anime-esc series of events where Tyrion talked over a series of events that didn’t happen, which I wasn’t a fan off but then we got the legitimate series of events and it was also better than I was expecting. It was interesting to see Dany lose and be out moved again by Cersei and Jamie with the arrival of Euron to corner the Unsullied at Casterly Rock as well as Jamie’s troop movements and outsmarting the Tyrell’s. Now this scene did take so jumps in logic: there is no way the Tyrell’s lose to anyone but the dragons with the numbers of troops they should have, and the throwaway line Olenna had about their lack of fighting ability was dumb and directly contradicts the Battle of Blackwater. But the very last scene of this episode was absolutely outstanding and fully, in my opinion, cements Dianna Rigg as one the best actors in this show, accompanied by Rory McCann and Charles Dance. The scene was handled incredibly and they made the correct decision in not showing us her death and keeping her character so strong and defiant. This scene made the episode the standout performance it was.

7Ultimately, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 gets a 7. The leaps in logic constantly, hold this episode from getting a higher rating.



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