EA E3 Press Conference Review

EA’s press conference officially marked the beginning of E3 2017 and it was more of a warm-up instead of an immediate explosion of awesome and epic news. We got a completely out of place marching band to open the show, which was followed by a variety of different games, with one in particular stand out. We got the obligatory announcements surrounding sport related games, the anticipated Star Wars properties and other minor announcements. This is the first of many E3 press conferences that I will be covering this week. The others I will be covering will most likely be Bethesda, Ubisoft and Sony, these in particular have been chosen because I have a PS4 and do not have an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch so I’m not too interested in there respected companies conferences.

The conference began with several small announcements and a tease of a bigger announcement down the road at Gamescon, for Battlefield 1. The announcements revolved around DLC for the game including maps and story missions about the Russians in World War One. The game itself is one I only played briefly only in the multiplayer, and have always wanted to get back to so maybe this expansion will give me an excuse to play it again. This was followed by the aforementioned obligatory sports related content from the press conference including Fifa story continuation from the last installation, the inclusion of a story mode in Madden and more NBA gameplay related content. I’m sure somebody was interested in these announcements but personally I wasn’t, I just wish EA would pick up the licence for the Rugby League IP and then I would care about sport related gaming. But the one stand-out game announcement I mentioned previously was unveiled around this point in the conference which was: ‘A Way Out.’

A Way Out

In easily the highlight of the entire EA conference was when a rare passionate engaging talker came out and actually talked about his game, A Way Out, like a real person and not some manipulated EA bot. Apparently the studio behind this game has made another similar game to this in the past but I never played it so everything to this game looked incredibly creative and fresh. I like the emphasis on coach cooperative play and all the other little unique nuances that the developer mentioned in his presentation including, the cut-scenes being different depending on the player’s point of view and the problem solving techniques the game uses. The only worry I have for the game is that it’ll be super short but hopefully the game is a solid 4-8 hours of greatness.


The other two announcements that weren’t Sport or Star Wars were for the upcoming Need for Speed game and a new IP called Anthem, from BioWare of Mass Effect fame. For the entirety Need for Speed portion of the conference I was just thinking why EA haven’t purchased the Fast and Furious IP yet? The similarities are undeniable but racing games that don’t have karts in them are always underwhelming to me. Anthem seems like it has some potential but too little was shown for me to pass judgement or become invested in this game, as of yet.

BattleFront 2

5The conference concluded with a never-ending cycle of Star Wars fan service. This constant Star Wars fan service as a whole seems to be never-ending and I really couldn’t care less if I tried. But I’m not going to start the Star Wars debate here so, Battlefront looks basically the same as the first one but with a story mode that I won’t play if I even buy this game. But overall the conference was an aright warm-up hopefully that’ll build up to an earth shattering Sony presentation later in the week. Overall this conference from top to bottom gets a 5.


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