Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 10 was easily the most flabbergasting episode of this season so far, and the reason this review if so late is because I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it. The main reason for this is the Ymir flashback that was included in this episode a lot sooner than it was in the manga. Initially I was incredibly flabbergasted because I didn’t remember reading that part in the manga, mostly because of the monthly schedule Isayama inflicts on us manga readers, but after re-reading chapter 89 I was then satisfied with its inclusion. The flashback fits nicely into this part of the story better than it did in the manga because it was largely overshadowed because manga chapter 88 is the basement reveal! But after putting further thought into it I wasn’t very happy with the inclusion of the flashback because of one critical detail.

Mid-Episode Card Ymir

Above is this week’s break card and explains that Ymir’s hometown is located outside of the walls, which is incredibly problematic because it most definitely shouldn’t have been confirmed this early that there are other civilisations outside of the walls. Not to mention that what we saw was from 60 years ago which indicates to the anime-only watches that there technology and technology as a whole has advanced. This mid card inclusion is so damming because if it simply wasn’t included than the audience (anime-only) could have easily assumed that all these events could have occurred inside the walls we are familiar with and they somehow were turning people into ‘mindless titans.’  Structurally I fully would have been overjoyed with the inclusion of this flashback this early but the mid card really hurts the overall narrative of the show going forward.

Ymir Flashback

Moving onto other smaller elements of the episode that I enjoyed, the flashback introduced the first ever instance of even subtle sexualisation of a female character in the series and it was handled respectfully and didn’t seem out of place at all. The symbolism used in the flashback that mirrored certain scene in the ending with Ymir rising to prominence from beneath the ground was also very pleasant. Also a side note about the end: commonly manga reader express that the ending is full of spoilers and foreshadowing when it’s really not, there is one frame that is used later in the manga that probably isn’t even true, that could be construed as such. Finally it is all but confirmed that the immobile titan from Connie’s village is in fact Connie’s mother, which is heartbreaking. But I can delve any further into that without spoiling so let’s move on…

Connie's Mum

7Overall this episode gets a 7. This is because of the overall uneasiness I felt revolving around the Ymir’s flashback. Also Annie was shown in the episode for a short instant hopefully indicating that she will return at some point in the future. Ultimately I think everyone should get ready for some climactic and heartbreaking upcoming moments in the final two episodes of this season.












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