Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Attack on Titan returned for the 9th consecutive week to another slow and dull episode that had neither character nor story development. This entirely reinforced what I exclaiming in last week’s review: both of these episode could have been speed up and rolled into a singular episode. It would have dramatically helped the pacing of both episodes, but instead we got two separate nothing episodes. This is even more frustrating to me as a manga reader because there is one major and a bunch of interesting little moments, between these four characters in the trees (Eren, Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt) but they will be crammed into the opening minutes of next week’s episodes.

The amounts of expository dialogue in this episode was nearly insulting; everything needed to be explained to death and the audience was treated like a bunch of idiots. Eren’s internal monologue was a prime example of this, we didn’t need an explanation for why he can’t run away its implied because of the world the author has developed in these last 30 episodes. This episode only slightly grades better than the previous because at least some interesting characters were involved in this one. The interactions between Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt are both compelling as an anime-only watcher and manga readers. It’s incredibly intriguing to see them try to figure out watch each other know about everything while keeping Eren completely out of the loop. This predicament also allows for great, subtle foreshadowing throughout the episode.

This episode gave me two moments where I screamed: ‘WHAT!’ These two moments were the Marco flashback and the tease of young Ymir in the preview for next week’s episode. The Marco scene was super surprising because nothing about Marco’s questionable death was mentioned in the manga until quite recently, which is considerably later in the story. The whole Marco death situation was a major mystery in the manga reading community for a long time, people analysed all his scenes and it was a major point of contention, but they seemingly revealed a majority of what happened very early in the anime. There is definitely more to that scene then is shown in this episode and that will most likely be revealed later but it was extremely surprising to me because I wasn’t expecting it this early. The tease of a young Ymir was also incredibly surprising because we have never seen Ymir as a child in any incarnation in the manga, unless it’s happening in the upcoming chapter in a few days. (Which is actually quite possibly because of the recent events in the manga)  But even if they do show Ymir’s past they would literally spoil the biggest reveal in the Attack on Titan Universe, so it’s basically impossible for them to show Ymir’s childhood. Therefore I predict the still image we see in the preview will be all they show us in Ymir’s upcoming internal monologues.

6This episode overall gets a 6. This is because the ultimate lack of anything remotely revolutionary in this episode and the continued slow pacing of the last episode. Also I was watching Sawyer’s review of this episode and he did point out an interesting animation error in his video that I thought was notable so everyone go check that out! Next week the action and excitement will truly pick up…


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