NXT Takeover Orlando Review

SAnitY defeated Tye Dillinger, Rodrick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot in an 8 Man Intergender Tag Team Match: (5)

5NXT Takeover this go-round kicked the night off with the first ever match with SAnitY participating as a fully unified group, when they defeated Tye Dillinger and co. The match was a fine opener and served its purpose of making SAnitY look unbeatable and possibly set them up later down the line to challenge for every available championship in NXT. There were only two glaring issues I had with the match and that was the fact that Dillinger took the final fall when this match should have been designed to protect him, and the underwhelming women’s element in the match. As for the first issue I think it’s mostly self-explanatory and the only possible reason I can think of for Tye to be pinned is that he’s moving to the main roster on Monday or Tuesday. A majority of the time when a talent is making their move to the main roster they are jobbed out and it happened to Tye and Shinsuke (possibly others) at Takeover so I wouldn’t rule out a Tye Dillinger call up later this week. As for the women critique it mostly because they really didn’t get any time to do anything and on ruby Riot’s debut she didn’t make much of an impact.

Aleister Black defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas: (5)

5Ruby Riot was not the only debut at Takeover Orlando, the audience was also treated to the debut of Aleister Black, formally known as Tommy End on the Indies. Aleister and Almas, I felt, didn’t entirely know what they wanted this match to be, at times it felt like it was a squash match intended to show the unfamiliar audience such as myself what the newcomer could do; but in other parts it felt like they were having a competitive match. There was one moment on commentary when one of the announcers said that Almas had a favorable win/lose record which I found laughable. I really have no idea what the future of either one of these guy are. Aleister didn’t show me anything too impressive or outstanding in-ring wise or character wise in this match but I will give him more time to impress both me and the audience. As for Almas’ future I have no idea what going to be done with him. I know Dave Meltzer plugged Almas as an after WrestleMania call up but we now know that’s not happening, which I’m glad about because he is nowhere near ready. But we will all have to wait in anticipation to see if he gets ‘future endeavored’. Also I would like to do into a side rant about the ‘look’ of many wrestlers on NXT and coming up through the indies in today’s wrestling world. To me at least these guys bodies are not up to par, professional wrestling is supposed to be simulated combat were larger than life character clash in an action packed thrill ride with a conclusive winner and loser, but it’s a big hard to take seriously when theirs a bunch of overweight and out-of-shape guys at the top stage. People like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, both guys in this match and even Shinsuke Nakamura should really lose weight or tighten their looks if they want any sort of credibility with a mainstream audience.

The Authors of Pain (with Paul Ellering) defeated DIY and the Revival in a triple threat elimination tag team match to retain the NXT Championships: (8)

8Easily the most enjoyable match of the night came directly I the middle of the card with the match for the tag team championships. This match had moment after moment of fan service and told one of the oldest and most simple stories in wrestling. Everything about this match just worked, with the exception of the last 5 minutes, after DIY was eliminated. The Authors of Pain showed in this match that they do belong in the spot they have and that they are capable of having great matches on takeover shows. Sadly I think this does spark the end of the tag team division’s reign over NXT. With the first few takeover show we really saw the NXT championship take center stage and then around Takeover Rival through Respect we had the women reign over NXT and the main attraction and from Takeover London until now we have had the tag team division take center stage. But now with the Revival’s well deserved and epic main roster debut this past week on Raw the tag team division will probably not continuously be the match of the show from now on, on Takeovers. But the most interesting question, to me, coming out of this match is were DIY goes from here? I was hoping to see them pop up on Smackdown this week but that didn’t happen so they seemingly have no direction. However I have thought of a few possibilities. The first one is you have them vs The Authors of Pain again and have it be their last chance at the titles, have them lose and then do a turn with either of them and go further on with a singles feud. I do like this option because both of these guys can be ‘top guys’ in NXT as singles stars. Or they go up to the main roster after putting over a new tag team or even TM61 is there healthy enough any time soon. But I do think if they do not break up a main roster call up will be imminent. As for the champions and who their next opponents are I could be DIY again as previously discussed or Heavy Machinery but I don’t like that option because neither team can afford a loss quite yet and Heavy Machinery should take the titles from them at some point, most likely on SummerSlam weekend. The only other option I see is for the Ascension to have the obligatory match with the new top guys in the tag team division which they seem to have annually. You could do an interesting story with the Ascension and maybe rebuild some credibility with them. All we can do is watch and see where things are going from here.

Asuka defeated Ember Moon to retain the NXT women’s championship: (5)  

5This entire match to me can be summed up in one word: ‘Why?’ Why did Asuka unnecessarily turn heel when she is massively over? Why did Ember Moon not shock the world a beat the undefeated monster in her last match in NXT? Why did Asuka not debut on Raw or Smackdown this week? Why does Asuka continuously win with the weakest kick in wrestling instead of one of her other unique cool moves? Some many questions coming out of what I perceived as a disappointing match. I was predicting and hoping for this match to be the match that put the NXT women’s division back on top but they had to have the match go 5 minutes to short and have a lame finish turning Asuka heel. The women on NXT really haven’t had a great match on a takeover show since Sasha left and this match should have been near that level. I have seen in person and in video these two have this exact match at a high level. This match really did make Ember Moon look weak when she is a rising badass on this show. This match really left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m just hoping that they turn this angle into something worth-while.

Bobby Roode defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the NXT Championship: (6)

6The main event of the evening was a surprisingly good clash between Bobby Roode and the soon to depart NXT Shinsuke Nakamura. Often a NXT feud lasts two Takeover show and usually the second match is overshadowed by the first but in this match defiantly exceeded the first one and had a lasting impression on me. Sure the match was 10 minutes to long but hey really had me convinced in certain parts that Nakamura was going over and then swerved me with a clean Roode win which I was sure I wasn’t going to see. This is my favorite Takeover main event since (once again) Sasha left and I have great respect for both these guys, more so then I did coming into the match. As seen on Smackdown Shinsuke moved up to the main roster seemingly on Smackdown but I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE change their minds and move him to Raw in the draft coming up on Monday. However I hope they keep him on Smackdown and have him feud with the Miz. He is often a great first feud for NXT stars coming up because he is an established name and his feuds consistently get enough screen time. Hopefully the next feud for Roode is a returning Hideo Itami because there is really are no other options, now that Tye Dillinger has moved up to the main roster. This match rally was a loser moves to Raw or Smackdown, which is really were they both belong. But I’m excited for both Nakamura and Roode going forward.

6Overall this event gets a 6/10 from me, which is a ‘good’ rating. The tag title match was clearly the stand out performance of the night and the main event was solid but a lackluster women’s championship match and the two opener matches being mediocre really stop this show from standing out as a great Takeover worthy of being remember. This show was definitely watchable and I would recommend it but it was overshadowed by what was to come the following night.


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